Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Best Watches to Stick in a Shoe at the Beach

Memorial Day weekend is behind us and summer vacation season has started in the United States.  People will be spending time at the beach, at the pool, and by various swimming spots in lakes and rivers all around the country.  This is a good time to ponder the age old question:  which watch should I wear to the beach?  Unless you are wearing some kind of SCUBA Steve commando diver watch, you probably don't want to actually swim with your watch on.  Your watch might end up tucked in a shoe by the water's edge or on the beach house patio.  

Watches from Nautica, Chase-Durer, Casio, and Izod
grace ratty old shoes with their presence

Back in the 80s and before, you'd just have a little mound of shoes and clothing marking your spot and you'd just jump in.  Of course, now, that you've got a $2000 phone, you'll probably leave a person by your stuff just to stand guard.  But, let's just pretend you were going to leave a watch tucked into your shoes while you go swimming.  Which watch will you leave behind in those shoes?  Here are four watches that I'd tuck in a shoe at the beach.

Bulova Marine Star - 

I picked up this nice Bulova Marine Star watch at a thrift store (Don't Tell Anyone) and it shows its nautical inspiration is many subtle ways.  But, it's an old watch and I wouldn't fully trust it's 100-meter waterproofing now.  It might be the watch that needs some fresh O-ring caseback gaskets.  For now, it'll be in the shoe at the beach and look great at the seafood shack later.

A Bulova Marine Star Watch

Nautica Black Dial Signal Watch - 

My old Nautica watch has the perfect look for bumming around at the beach.  The rubber strap is beginning to deteriorate a bit and it will soon be time for a replacement strap.

Nautica Black Dial Signal Watch

Timex Weekender -

If any watch was ever made for weekends at the beach, it would have to be the Timex Weekender.  No matter what kind of strap color combination you choose, it would be perfect for shoe time by the shore.  It was a big deal when the Timex Weekender came out and you can still find them here on Amazon.

A Timex Weekender displayed with multiple strap combinations

Caribbean Joe -

Finally, you've got to include any watch from Caribbean Joe.  The beach hut and the palm tree are right there on the dial.  My green sunburst dial Caribbean Joe watchgreen sunburst dial Caribbean Joe watch has the right vacation mindset, but doesn't offer any water resistance.  Fortunately, it was cheap enough to go into a shoe.

A Close Up of a Caribbean Joe Watch Dial

Whether you tuck your watch in a shoe or put that water resistance to the test, have fun at the beach this summer!

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