Thursday, July 18, 2024

The Watch Dude gets Social on X

 If you'd like to see watch and timepiece content on Social Media, I invite you to visit and follow this blog on X (or the social media platform formerly known as Twitter).  Come check out some of my posts here --


The account is new and I'm trying to grow a following.  I share my watches, post deals, and I'm even getting started with short video reviews. Here's one of my first posts with a short watch video:

If enough watch collectors get on to X and participate in conversations, we might ignite some interest in watches.  Maybe watches could become popular again just like film cameras?

Regardless of our hobby's popularity, I'd love to see some of your watches and collections online as well. X is a great platform to share our watches on and discuss our deepest wristwatch desires.

Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: Structure Instrument Panel Watch

I've been wearing my Structure Instrument Panel watch lately. I always liked the square aircraft instrument panel look of these watches.

A Structure Instrument Panel Watch at an Aviation Park

Unfortunately, this look seems to be fading from the watches available from Amazon. Even Bell & Ross, the inspiration for this watch, doesn't seem to have as many square watches among their listings on Amazon. You can still find one here on Amazon.

A Structure Instrument Panel Watch

Unfortunately, this look seems to be fading from the watches available from Amazon. Even Bell & Ross, the inspiration for this watch, doesn't seem to have as many square watches among their listings on Amazon. You can still find a square Bell & Ross here on AmazonI guess the moral of that story is that, if you like a trendy watch, you better get it when you can. Otherwise, it might zoom away.

A Structure Instrument Panel watch and a Porsche

This Structure watch has been revived with a new battery and a new NATO strap.  But, it has a few idiosynchrasies.  For example, if you don't push the crown in with some authority, it will lose a few minutes every couple of hours.  It's been working fine for the last few hours.  But, I'm keeping my eye on it.  I'm also keeping an eye out for a new instrument panel watch.

Monday, July 15, 2024

The Truth About Watches: Do You Really Need Subdials?

When I was younger, I thought subdials were cool.  As someone who likes reading about fine mechanical watches, I also recognize that complications are the highest expression of a watchmakers design capabilities and craftsmanship.  But, in daily life, I'm not so fond of subdials anymore.

These Subdials Add To The Watch Designs (Invicta & AVI-8 watches shown)

First, subdials are often hard to read.  I'm in my mid-fifties now and it's not so easy to read subdials anymore.  They make me reach for reading glasses and make me feel my age.  If I can't read the subdials, I wonder if they even need to work.  I have attractive, inexpensive, watches from Caribbean Joe and Ed Hardy that have completely non-functional sub-dials.

Caribbean Joe Watches (left) and an Ed Hardy Watch (right)

Second, subdials aren't really that practical.  I'm sure all the Rolex Speedway fans would beg to differ, but who can read subdials at 150 miles per hour?  According to the Ministry of Totally Made-up Statistics, 32.9% of all sportscar accidents are caused by drivers glancing at subdials. When I was younger and used to race sailboats, we would use digital watches or even digital egg timers to count down the 3 minutes until we were supposed to cross the starting line at speed. We would never have time to fiddle with sub-dials while trimming sails, steering, and watching out for other boats.

These Invicta Subdials Gave up the Ghost after the Watch Sat for a Long Time with a Dead Battery

Third, it seems like subdials on quartz watches don't like to work if you've let your watch sit for a long period of time with a dead battery.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe it's related to something else.  But, I've changes batteries and verified that pusher buttons are closing the appropriate circuits and nothing. 

Anyway, my truth is that sub-dials, and my eyes, aren't what they used to be.  I won't say never to subdials, but they aren't the exciting feature I once valued.

Sunday, July 14, 2024

Wristwatch Review: Caribbean Joe Watch with Coin-Edged Bezel and Two Faux Subdials

This wristwatch review covers another simple, but interesting, watch from Caribbean Joe.  It's an all black watch with two faux sub-dials, white hour marker numerals outlined with a shiny silver accent, and  a coin-edged bezel. While the watch has a reliable quartz movement, it is not a precision timepiece. If you rock the watch back and forth, sometimes you may notice that the minute hand can move just a little.  It's enough that the minute hand might be half a minute off.  That little bit of play certainly reminds you that this is an inexpensive $20 to $30 watch.   

Caribbean Joe Watch with Coin Edged Bezel

However, this Caribbean Joe watch has it's merits.  For example, it has a smooth, gently domed, crystal. It's lightweight and comfortable. The case is 42mm in diameter and doesn't stand too tall on the wrist.  It's weird to me that they went to the trouble to have a wonderfully domed crystal and then undermined it a bit with non-working sub-dials.

Caribbean Joe Synthetic Leather Strap

The synthetic leather band is quite generously sized and is comfortable to wear.  I like not being on the very last hole in a watch strap.

The Watch Strap is generously sized.

Overall, this Caribbean Joe watch offers a sophisticated, casual, look for very affordable price.  It's a great bang around watch for travel to a tropical island because it's inexpensive and easily replaced.

Friday, July 12, 2024

TGIF: Another Watch Bites the Dust

I can't believe how much rubber watch bands can deteriorate in a little over a decade.  I went to revive one of my older Armitron digital watches and found the band was slick, almost oily, and crumbling apart in my hands.  It made quite a mess.  Even worse, when I examined the mechanism for attaching the band to the watch, it was more than a little bit unusual.  It doesn't even look like replacing the band is really practical.  The same thing happened to one of my Structure watches.

An Armitron Digital Watch and the remnants of its band

While this watch is an inexpensive digital watch, it is kind of a bummer that the strange strap attachment mechanism and deteriorated rubber watch band have rendered it useless.  In the future, I'll try to take a close look and make sure watches I buy have a conventional lug and spring bar setup.  I might avoid some rubber watch straps, too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: Fossil Rhett Chronograph with Navy Blue Dial and Leather Strap

 Here's an interesting watch to wear around town.  It's a Fossil Rhett  Chronograph with a navy blue dial, a date window, and a leather strap.  According to the caseback, the watch has a stainless steel case a nice rose gold tone.  Of course, it's not actually gold because I found it at Ross for only $59.99. 

Fossil Rhett Chronograph

I like this watch because it has a old nautical look that, on some primal level, harkens back to the age of sail.  I think the gold tone on the subdials, the hands, and the marker batons, really classes up this watch.

Fossil Rhett Chronograph with Blue Dial and Leather Strap

If this watch grabs your attention, you can still find it on Amazon as the Fossil Rhett Chronograph.

Monday, July 8, 2024

Sharp Watch Shout Out: Movado Bold with Gray Case and Dial

This Sharp Watch Shout Out goes to Movado for their Movado Bold with Ionic-plated Gray Case and Gray Dial.  It's simply a beautiful and understated watch.  It's also a reasonably attainable for most watch enthusiasts.

A Movado Bold watch (Amazon photo)

Movado is an intriguing luxury watch brand.  It carries a high degree of cache with upper middle class America and has long been the kind of luxury watch that we would buy at a high end department store or typical jewelry store.  Personally, I'm fascinated with all the permutations of their classic museum-style watch with its minimalist dial and a single dot at 12 o'clock. I very much like the design. I even have this Movado Museum-style desk clock.

Movado Museum-Style Clock

However, I think anything above a $500 price point is quite a bit for a wristwatch.  Fortunately, there are sales and other lines of Movado watch.  For example, I really like this Movada Bold watch with a gray case and dial brings the Museum watch motif to watch collectors at a far more attainable price point.  That's why it has earned the sharp watch shout out!

If you've been looking to add the essence of the classic Movado watch design to your collection without dipping into savings or running up a credit card balance, this may well be your watch!  You can find this men's Movado Bold watch here on Amazon.

Sunday, July 7, 2024

Wristwatch Review: Vintage Oris Men's Manual Wind Watch from India

The Allure of Vintage Watches on Etsy

It's alive! I recently purchased an interesting vintage watch off of Etsy. It is a vintage Men's Oris manual wind watch that has been extensively restored.  I found this watch when looking at the wide variety of vintage watches on Etsy.  The price tag was amazingly low for such a beautiful looking watch. 

Vintage Oris Manual Wind Watch

Fear of the Unknown Watch

When I teased its impending arrival from a faraway land on the Watchfreeks forum, some members warned me of "Frankenwatches" from India. These watches are made up of a hodge-podge of parts and can be of dubious reliability.  To be honest, once I learned of this and did a little research, I was quite worried about what I would actually be getting. This watch was inexpensive and from India. I was scared, but the die was cast and I was determined to see what I would get.

A well packed Vintage Oris Watch

Shipping, Packing, and Tracking

The seller and Etsy did a great job tracking the package from India and it made its way from India through a shipping company to my mailbox in only 13 days. Upon opening the small, thoroughly wrapped, box, I found that the watch was just as described. I immediately placed the watch next to my Timex Weekender for comparison sake.

A restored Oris compared to a Timex Weekender

Watch Dimensions

Some posters had warned that some of these watches could have very small cases. However, the reconstructed Oris ended up with a 35mm diameter case which makes it a little smaller than a current Timex Weekender and about the same diameter as a vintage Timex Mercury.  The watch is about 10mm thick. The included leather strap was nice, but just a little short for my wrist. I replaced it with an inexpensive fabric expansion strap. This Oris is a smaller watch than most contemporary timepieces, but it is definitely wearable and a man's watch.

Vintage Oris Caseback

Watch Construction

The caseback says that the watchback is made out of stainless steel and the movement is reportedly shockproof. I'll try not to shock it. The crystal is nicely domed and seems to be some sort of glass. The hands are simple silver-toned dress watch hands with no lume. This seems faithful to vintage Oris dress watches of the day. I didn't see any obvious problems with the construction of this watch. While Oris purists will scoff at the full replacement of the case, dial, hands, and crystal, the result is a nicely functioning watch that keeps good time for long periods.

Vintage Oris Watch from India on the Dashboard

Watch Daily Wear

As I wear this, the watch has been keeping accurate time for over a day.  I wind it up gingerly since the crown is small and the winding seems a little tight.  Without a manual, I err on the side of caution.  But, winding it with several short slow spins of the crown, it seems to run and run.  Due to my clumsiness with the caseback press, I'm not pulling the back off.  From the photos provided, the watch  mechanism appears to be a Swiss FHF96 movement.  I wind it a little more each day.  

Vintage Oris FHF-96 Movement in Oris Vintage Watch from India

Once wound, I notice that second hand doesn't stop when I pull out the crown.  This will make precisely timed cat burglaries, jewelry thefts, and casino heists difficult, but I shall persevere.

Authenticity of A Vintage Watch From India

The authenticity of this watch remains an interesting question. You can dig and dig into the topic on forums like WatchRepairForum and Watchuseek. Since the seller revealed that the case, dial, and hands were all replaced, I feel that is fairly transparent. The movement appears to be Swiss and has been running like a champ. Obviously, the new plastic guide ring needed to be in place in order to fit the movement to its new case.  

Ultimately, the question is somewhat irrelevant to me. When I look at new and used Oris models in places where the provenance has a good paper trail, I see Oris watches priced from $1000 to $3000 or so. I don't have that much money for a watch right now.  For a watch, I have about $35 or so.

If I did have serious money for a genuine Oris watch, I'd be quite tempted by this Oris Big Crown Automatic that is available from Bob's Watches in Amazon.  It has an authenticated pedigree and a serious price tag.

Oris Big Crown Automatic from Bob's Watches

Researching this topic has certainly driven me to the Oris site, to Bob's watches, and to various watch movement sites than I could have previously imagined.  It's planted a seed that may yet grow into a "if I ever have some money I should look at an Oris" tree.

I'm satisfied in calling this a genuine Indian "frankenwatch."  I'd liken it to a "restomod" car built completely new from the remnants of the engine and frame of a very old car. I'd like to think that this  watch is using a movement made by Fabrique d’Horlogerie de Fontainemelon, Fontainemelon in Switzerland for Oris.  

I'm not expert enough to definitively call this watch a fake. It seems unfair considering the workmanship that has gone into this watch.  The watch has been completely rebuilt around the movement.  However, if this watch has a Swiss movement but not an Oris-labeled one, then the restorers should name the watch something else. They've done work they can be proud of.  Perhaps they should rebrand it as "Vintage Revival" put "Swiss Made" on the bottom of the dial and "Rebuilt in India" on the top?  I think they've made an earnest attempt to re-use and re-work this watch and provide a good value for the money.

Should you buy a watch like this from India?  

If the authenticity and provenance of each watch in your collection is important, you should not buy these sorts of inexpensive watches from India. If you just want a mechanical watch that is interesting, works well, and is very affordable, then give it a shot.  Don't spend too much money.  Keep it fun.

My Vintage Oris Watch from India reflected on an ebony table

Overall Impression

I love this little watch. It was affordable at $32. It sure has an  interesting backstory. The mystery of this watches origin story has kept me engaged and busy for hours. In my opinion, the restorers in India did a great job matching a case and dial to the movement and staying true to the vintage Swiss watch spirit. It is working watch and a fun addition to my collection.

Friday, July 5, 2024

TGIF: Spotting a Rolex Submariner in the Wild

I saw a Rolex out in the wild a couple of weeks ago.  It was a Submariner of some sort with a gold and stainless band.  I didn't see it up close, but you couldn't miss it.  At a glance, the Submariner appeared to be like the one pictured below and for sale here on Amazon.

The original uploader was LuckyLouie at English Wikipedia.,
CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

It was late at night and the man with a Rolex was sitting in a suit and open collared shirt was holding court at a table in one of his four successful restaurants.  He was clearly the King of his domain. He could see and circulate among his customers, keep an eye on his waitstaff, and have visibility to the kitchen and the cash register.

It's not like he had to micromanage every aspect of his business.  The rules, systems, and supervisors have been in place for years.  But, he is a presence.  You can tell he runs a tight ship. His staff, friends, and family treat him with congeniality, but also great deference and respect.  In turn, you can tell he takes great pride in the restaurant and his staff.

So where does the Rolex come in? It was probably never the restaurateur's initial objective. Instead, it was a reward that came with taking on the risk, taking on the responsibility, and investing the time, the money, and the soul into building and maintaining a successful business venture.  Instead of focusing on the timepiece, an aspiring Rolex owner might be better served by focusing on how they spend their time.

A focus on developing entrepreneurial skills, business acumen, persevering, and taking calculated risks might be the key to unlocking the prosperity required for an epic timepiece.

Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: George Retro 70s Watch

Today's watch is from George.  Yes, the Walmart brand George.  It's just an inexpensive watch that only cost $10.98, but I think it captures the 1970s vintage look of the watch everyone's dad owned back in the day.

A George Watch from Walmart

I did a little sleuthing on the internet about this watch and uncovered a few interesting details. First, I thought George brand was originated by George Foreman.  I was wrong.  George brand originates from British fashion designer George Davies.  He had a deal with the British retailer Asda and sold the brand to Walmart when Walmart bought Asda in the UK.

Using the factory service instructions from the box and discovered that the watch was made by E. Gluck Corporation (EGC).  E. Gluck is no stranger to making watches. The company owns Armitron and Torgoen. More importantly, EGC makes many, many, private label watches for retailers around the world. The company definitely knows about making watches.

A George Watch from Walmart with Green Dial

There's no doubt that $10.98 is an incredibly low price.  Some corners definitely have to be cut to bring this watch to consumers at this price point.  Compared to more expensive watches, the bracelet feels lightweight and hollow and the crystal seems to be made of some kind of plastic.  Still, I think this is a really good looking watch, a great way to fight inflation, and it is fun to wear.  It's another example of retro style in low cost timepieces.

Monday, July 1, 2024

Watch Store Report: Watch Shopping at Burlington

Burlington (formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory) remains a good source of inexpensive quartz watches.  The watch brands for men that I've seen over the past year or so at Burlington stores include the following:  Armitron, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Caribbean Joe, Ed Hardy, Roca Wear, Sean John, Tahari, and Van Heusen. Almost all of the watches at Burlington are inexpensive. You won't find any watches that require locking up in a cabinet for special handling.

A Burlington Store in Georgia, USA

The styles at Burlington tend towards urban trendy and outright gaudy, but you can find sometimes find some real gems on the shelves.  If you like a little bling, you'll likely find something interesting.

A typical store display of watches at a Burlington store

Prices are reasonable with many models coming in at $20.  Sometimes slightly nicer watches might be $30 to $35.  Clearance watches can be found for as low as $15.

Armitron Model 20/5497

A good example of an understated gem of a watch might be this quartz Armitron (model 20/5497).  This Armitron has a classic dial design that would be perfectly appropriate for an office setting.  Naturally, I bought it.  It fits my wrist perfectly--almost too perfectly on the snug side.  But, it is a great bang around watch and the Burlington price was just $20.

For casual shoppers, Burlington is a great store for inexpensive big and tall clothing (shorts, sweatpants, and graphic Tee Shirts) and has a great selection of reasonably-price brand name shoes.  If you find yourself shopping at a Burlington, you might give the watch selection a quick glance.  You never know when you might find something interesting. 

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Wristwatch Review: Armitron Men's Date Function Dial Bracelet Watch

Many watch branches are reviving vintage watch looks with great fanfare. But, the big secret is that vintage watch looks never really went away. They were normalized in countless normal quartz watches that are available at low cost from retailers all around the country. A great example of a modern watch with a vintage vibe is my latest Armitron watch. It's model 20/5497. It's a simple straight forward analog quartz watch.

Armitron Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Date Function

Watch Construction

The watch is an all stainless steel watch with a stainless steel bracelet.  In a world where plastic and base metal cases are common, all stainless steel construction seems unusual at the sub-$30 price point.  The watch also has a very slightly domed mineral glass crystal.  The bracelet and the watch case incorporate flat and shiny silver tones.  But, the dial is done in a deep navy blue.

Watch Dimensions

This Armitron watch has a sensible 40mm case that is 9mm thick.  However, the bracelet could have been a little longer.  I found the watch to be just a bit snug on my wrist.  It also had a double-locking foldover clasp that didn't provide any easy way for me to easily adjust the size.  Instead, I opted to get a nice 20mm nylon strap from Bisonstrap to replace the metal bracelet.  The result was a good look and a strap that matched the dial.

Armitron pictured with BisonStrap 20mm Nylon Strap

Overall Impression

Overall, I really like this Armitron and I'm glad I got an alternative strap.  It's a nice watch for everyday wear and it's equally comfortable at work or on the weekends.  I think it was a treasure to find at Burlington.  However, you can easily pick this Armitron up on Amazon for an amazing price.

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Sharp Watch Shout Out: Timex Men's Standard 41mm Chronograph

When you're in job search mode, every cool watch you ever wanted to buy is on sale and, temporarily, off limits.  In that regard, Timex is on a roll!  When I was researching retro watches, I must have triggered something in the Amazon algorithm and it revealed this gem of a watch: 

Timex Men's Standard 41mm Chronograph

I suspect this watch is doing "vintage" better than any actual vintage watch. I like the way that the dial has a faded blue color and the dial has a rather flat white color for the subdials and tachymeter track.  The fancy crown further suggests a glorious past. The strap also complements the watch color scheme and looks like it would be easy to replace sometime down the road. This watch definitely deserves a sharp watch shout out!

Friday, June 28, 2024

TGIF: Do "Retro" Watches Already Live Among Us?

Every few days, you'll see an article in the watch press or on a company website trumpeting the return of watches from the past.  Companies will be said to dig deep into their catalog of prior timepieces to develop new retro watch offerings.  An example of a wonderful retro watch would be this Citizen Quartz Stainless Steel Classic.

Citizen Stainless Steel Classic Quartz Watch (Amazon Photo)

Since these retro offerings provide us with some of the coolest watches, I don't want to disparage or discourage them in any way.  But, I think a parallel movement in the market might be just as important. The classic retro styles have been worked into hundreds of commonplace quartz watches with little fanfare.  

You can get Retro for Cheap At Walmart

As an example, let's check out the George quartz watch that I recently purchased from Walmart.

A George brand quartz wristwatch from Walmart.

This watch (above) was created and manufactured by FMD for the George brand of clothing and accessories sold at Walmart stores.  It is a very simple watch with painted numerals on the dial for hour markings and simple dots for minute markings.  It has a silver-on-silver motif with black numerals.  It retails for somewhere between $10 and $13.  It reminds me of my old Timex (below).

Timex Mercury Wristwatch

While this Timex was quite a bit more expensive back in its day at $25.95 and comes with the date-day complication, it also features painted on numerals, a silver-on-silver design, and an expansion bracelet.  Just like the George watch, this old Timex was focused on telling the time.

Another recent retro watch find was this Caribbean Joe Green Sunburst watch.  It has a slightly domed crystal and classic batons to mark the hours.  It's the kind of watch that used to be commonplace once upon a time.  But, now, it's a cheap, quartz, fashion watch.

A Caribbean Joe Retro Watch

I've been writing about retro watches or neo-classic watches for a long time.  It's a trend that has legs.  This post is just a reminder that, if you want retro, you can get plenty of retro for a very low price and you don't even have to clean the funky stuff off of an estate sale watch find.  The Retro watches are here among us already!

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: Invicta Specialty Quartz Pro-Diver Chronometer

Here are some photos of my Invicta Specialty Quartz Pro-Diver Chronometer from a night out on the town.  

Invicta Specialty Quartz Pro-Diver Chronometer Among Rubber Ducks

I can't believe that I first published a review of this great looking watch back in 2015.  Today, with a fresh battery and a new watch strap, it looks as great as ever.

Invicta Specialty Quartz Pro-Diver Chronometer

The replacement watch strap is a Fullmosa 22mm Silicone Watch Band (No Gaps) and has proven to be nice replacement for the original strap. 

The guilloche dial of the Invicta Specialty Quartz Pro-Diver Chronometer

Watches with gold tones look nice in the low lights of a restaurant.  One of the things that makes this watch special is the guilloche dial.  Guilloche has repeating patterns in the dial. There are lots of Invicta Pro Diver watches here on Amazon, but it's hard to find one with that kind of unique dial.  It's kind of neat when you find something unique.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Watch Deal Alert: Timex 39mm Waterbury Traditional GMT

This is a quick post to let everyone know that the 39mm Timex Waterbury Traditional GMT watch is currently 60% off on Amazon. This watch is a higher grade of Timex than you typically see in mass retailers like Walmart.  Since Timex was originally founded as the Waterbury Clock Company back in 1854, this watch really plugs into the company's rich history.

Timex Waterbury 39mm Traditional GMT

As a GMT watch, this Timex has a fourth hand to keep track of the time in another timezone.  The dimensions of this quartz watch are 39mm diameter in the case and 10mm thick.  At 60% off, this really is a great deal and a Timex Waterbury watch would bring a touch of history and heritage to any collection. I think it's an awesome look and I've put it on my wish list.

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Wristwatch Review: Ed Hardy Singles Men's Metal Black and Gold Analog Quartz Watch

This Ed Hardy watch was an interesting find at Burlington.  It came in a fancy cardboard box with some of Ed Hardy's famed tattoo designs.  Now, it's a watch that makes me wonder.  It features a rich, but plain-looking dial is devoid of any of the art that made Ed Hardy famous.  It just has his signature rendered at 6 o'clock.

Watch Features

This watch has a gold tone to it and features three gold trimmed non-functional subdials.  Despite the existence of pusher buttons, the subdials are purely decorative.  However, the gold trimmed subdials and hands give this watch a rich, purposeful, look.  I should note that, despite my references to gold, no actual gold is used in this timepiece.  The Amazon descriptions of this watch refer to "brushed gold."

Watch Dimensions

This is a big manly, man, watch. The dial itself is 38mm and the case is 46mm in diameter. The watch is 12mm thick and the watch bracelet is a manly 24mm wide.  It sits large on the wrist, but not quite a big as a big Diesel watch.

Watch Construction

The construction of this watch is solid.  The only drawback: the wide metal bracelet seems a little lighter than expected and it feels a little  cheap.  I have to remind myself this is a $20 to $30 watch with the construction of a typical quartz watch that is cheaply available in discount stores like Burlington or Ross.

Watch Style

Still, this watch is eye-catching and dramatically designed.  It looks good for an inexpensive watch.  It's demands attention.  Yet, it is understated by the standards of an Ed Hardy collection watch.  It's an unabashedly macho watch.


I can't really make up my mind about this watch. On the one hand, it's inexpensive and has non-functional subdials. On the other hand, it is bold and shiny!!! For $20-$25, you really can't go wrong. There are a few other Ed Hardy models that I like better.  If you'd like to get this Ed Hardy watch and make up your own mind, you can find it here on Amazon.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Watch Deal Alert: Skagen Men's Signatur Minimalist Watch on Amazon

With all the talk around minimalist watches, you might want to check out this deal on Amazon for 45% off of a Skagen Signatur watch.  There are many styles but the 45% off deal applies to this one with a leather strap.  

An American brand founded by a Danish business couple, Skagen is named after the northernmost town in Denmark. Skagen has been creating and selling watches with a strong Danish minimalist design ethos since 1992.  In 2012, it was bought by Fossil watches, but the designs remain to true to their Scandinavian roots.

If you check each option available for Skagen Men's Signatur Minimalist watch on Amazon, you'll also find this gray dial Signatur watch with cherry wood leather strap for 50% off.

Skagen Men's Signatur Minimalist Watch with Cherry Wood Leather Strap

With a Skagen watch, you'll get a good quality brand, a leader in minimalist watches, and a very reasonable price point.  They are definitely worth a look.

Friday, June 21, 2024

TGIF: How Important is the Box for your watch?

Over the years, I've gotten watches in all kinds of boxes and packaging.  Most watches come in some sort of cardboard or plastic box.  Some watches have come in big plastic boxes with clamps and clasps worthy of carrying a nuclear detonator.  I've also gotten inexpensive watches that were merely bundled in plastic bubble wrap.  My question is simple:  

how important is the watch box?

The cardboard presentation box that came with an inexpensive Izod watch

When there is no box, but the watch comes in bubble wrap, do you think less of the brand?  I have to admit that I do.  This was the packaging for my $5 YouYouPifa watch from China.  Of course, the super low price tag was also a clue that this wasn't really the substantive watch that one might wear to work.  

Nothing but plastic wrap doesn't make a good first impression

On the other hand, bulky watch packaging takes up way too much space. How big does the box have to be when a watch only costs $50. There has to be some kind of  balance.  Overall, I like it when there is at least some packaging to protect a wristwatch purchase.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: Bulova Marine Star Tachymeter Watch

Apparently, I've never shared this Bulova Marine Star from my collection on this blog. The second hand on this watch stays stationary at 12 o'clock until you activate the stopwatch feature.  It's pretty cool.

My Bulova Marine Star Tachymeter Watch

I've had this Bulova for a few years.  I wore it to work regularly and then tucked it away for a long while.  I just replaced the battery for the first time.  I was a little worried that I might not have gotten the battery in securely, but so far it is running well and keeping time like a champ.

Monday, June 17, 2024

Sharp Watch Shoutout: AddiesDive Automatic Dive Watch with Suede Leather Band

 I learned of a new watch brand out on the WatchFreeks Forum, it's called AddiesDive and the watch world is going bonkers over their 1000 meter water resistance dive watch and its amazingly low price point.  Looking beyond that exercise in watch machismo, I found lots of great looking watches under the AddiesDive brand store on Amazon.  The one I thought looked best was an automatic dive watch with an attractive suede leather strap.  This one offers 200 meters of water resistance, an NH35A automatic movement, and a great dive watch look.


AddiesDive Automatic Dive Watch with Suede Leather Band

If you are interested in a great looking value priced watch, you can find this watch here on Amazon.