Sunday, June 23, 2024

Wristwatch Review: Ed Hardy Singles Men's Metal Black and Gold Analog Quartz Watch

This Ed Hardy watch was an interesting find at Burlington.  It came in a fancy cardboard box with some of Ed Hardy's famed tattoo designs.  Now, it's a watch that makes me wonder.  It features a rich, but plain-looking dial is devoid of any of the art that made Ed Hardy famous.  It just has his signature rendered at 6 o'clock.

Watch Features

This watch has a gold tone to it and features three gold trimmed non-functional subdials.  Despite the existence of pusher buttons, the subdials are purely decorative.  However, the gold trimmed subdials and hands give this watch a rich, purposeful, look.  I should note that, despite my references to gold, no actual gold is used in this timepiece.  The Amazon descriptions of this watch refer to "brushed gold."

Watch Dimensions

This is a big manly, man, watch. The dial itself is 38mm and the case is 46mm in diameter. The watch is 12mm thick and the watch bracelet is a manly 24mm wide.  It sits large on the wrist, but not quite a big as a big Diesel watch.

Watch Construction

The construction of this watch is solid.  The only drawback: the wide metal bracelet seems a little lighter than expected and it feels a little  cheap.  I have to remind myself this is a $20 to $30 watch with the construction of a typical quartz watch that is cheaply available in discount stores like Burlington or Ross.

Watch Style

Still, this watch is eye-catching and dramatically designed.  It looks good for an inexpensive watch.  It's demands attention.  Yet, it is understated by the standards of an Ed Hardy collection watch.  It's an unabashedly macho watch.


I can't really make up my mind about this watch. On the one hand, it's inexpensive and has non-functional subdials. On the other hand, it is bold and shiny!!! For $20-$25, you really can't go wrong. There are a few other Ed Hardy models that I like better.  If you'd like to get this Ed Hardy watch and make up your own mind, you can find it here on Amazon.

Saturday, June 22, 2024

Watch Deal Alert: Skagen Men's Signatur Minimalist Watch on Amazon

With all the talk around minimalist watches, you might want to check out this deal on Amazon for 45% off of a Skagen Signatur watch.  There are many styles but the 45% off deal applies to this one with a leather strap.  

An American brand founded by a Danish business couple, Skagen is named after the northernmost town in Denmark. Skagen has been creating and selling watches with a strong Danish minimalist design ethos since 1992.  In 2012, it was bought by Fossil watches, but the designs remain to true to their Scandinavian roots.

If you check each option available for Skagen Men's Signatur Minimalist watch on Amazon, you'll also find this gray dial Signatur watch with cherry wood leather strap for 50% off.

Skagen Men's Signatur Minimalist Watch with Cherry Wood Leather Strap

With a Skagen watch, you'll get a good quality brand, a leader in minimalist watches, and a very reasonable price point.  They are definitely worth a look.

Friday, June 21, 2024

TGIF: How Important is the Box for your watch?

Over the years, I've gotten watches in all kinds of boxes and packaging.  Most watches come in some sort of cardboard or plastic box.  Some watches have come in big plastic boxes with clamps and clasps worthy of carrying a nuclear detonator.  I've also gotten inexpensive watches that were merely bundled in plastic bubble wrap.  My question is simple:  

how important is the watch box?

The cardboard presentation box that came with an inexpensive Izod watch

When there is no box, but the watch comes in bubble wrap, do you think less of the brand?  I have to admit that I do.  This was the packaging for my $5 YouYouPifa watch from China.  Of course, the super low price tag was also a clue that this wasn't really the substantive watch that one might wear to work.  

Nothing but plastic wrap doesn't make a good first impression

On the other hand, bulky watch packaging takes up way too much space. How big does the box have to be when a watch only costs $50. There has to be some kind of  balance.  Overall, I like it when there is at least some packaging to protect a wristwatch purchase.

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: Bulova Marine Star Tachymeter Watch

Apparently, I've never shared this Bulova Marine Star from my collection on this blog. The second hand on this watch stays stationary at 12 o'clock until you activate the stopwatch feature.  It's pretty cool.

My Bulova Marine Star Tachymeter Watch

I've had this Bulova for a few years.  I wore it to work regularly and then tucked it away for a long while.  I just replaced the battery for the first time.  I was a little worried that I might not have gotten the battery in securely, but so far it is running well and keeping time like a champ.

Monday, June 17, 2024

Sharp Watch Shoutout: AddiesDive Automatic Dive Watch with Suede Leather Band

 I learned of a new watch brand out on the WatchFreeks Forum, it's called AddiesDive and the watch world is going bonkers over their 1000 meter water resistance dive watch and its amazingly low price point.  Looking beyond that exercise in watch machismo, I found lots of great looking watches under the AddiesDive brand store on Amazon.  The one I thought looked best was an automatic dive watch with an attractive suede leather strap.  This one offers 200 meters of water resistance, an NH35A automatic movement, and a great dive watch look.


AddiesDive Automatic Dive Watch with Suede Leather Band

If you are interested in a great looking value priced watch, you can find this watch here on Amazon.

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Wristwatch Review: Steve Madden Analog Sport Watch

Steve Madden is an American fashion designer who got his start manufacturing and selling his own shoes in New York City. A few months ago, I came across Steve Madden watch at a Nordstrom Rack brick-n-mortar store. The watch had an interesting blue design with blue numerals and markers, blue hands, and a blue strap. It was also priced to move at $30 or less.

A Steve Madden Quartz Sports Watch from Nordstrom Rack


The watch has a stainless steel caseback, a black base metal case, and a blue silicone strap. Lettering on the dial seems to be a shiny blue foil.  The fundamentals of the watch are pretty decent.


The watch is a comfortable size with a 45mm diameter case that is about 10mm thick.  The lugs are approximately 22mm and the watch strap tapers a little to about 20mm.  I found the watch to be appropriately size with plenty of strap loops to allow for adjustment.

The Silicone Strap of a Steve Madden Watch

The watch sits well on the wrist and doesn't stand too tall.  It's a fairly low key watch that is good for banging around on the weekend.  It might be a little too casual for most professional workplaces.

The profile of this Steve Madden Quartz Sport Watch


One thing for sure, this watch goes well with blue.  It's comfortable for casual wear and it is easy enough to read since the blue watch hands do contrast against the black background.  However, the foil outline for markers and the fairly dark hands and dial don't make it the easiest of watches to read.  You can read it, but it's not instantly readable like a watch with white markers and some degree of lume.  At $25-$30, this watch is a pretty good deal.  I've seen Steve Madden watches at a variety of outlets including Burlington. I wear this watch fairly often since it is comfortable. Overall, I'd rate this Steve Madden watch as a pretty good deal.

A closeup of the dial of a Steve Madden watch

Friday, June 14, 2024

TGIF: The Higher Quality Offerings of Armitron

Uncommon Watches from Armitron

Sometimes when you visit the official website of a watch company, you uncover some treasures that you haven't heard much about.  Armitron is one company that has higher quality watches offered on their website.  Collectors will find them more interesting than the Armitron watches found in discount stores.

Armitron Watch Categories

If you are used to seeing Armitron watches as discount timepieces at retailers like Walmart and Burlington, you'll see a nicer side of the Armitron line-up online at their website.  Armitron has six categories of timepiece listed on there: Timeless, Iconic, Specialty, Conscious, Active, and Smart.  The Conscious category has watches made out of recycled ocean plastics.  

The Armitron Reef is made using sustainable materials like recycled ocean plastics.

In the Timeless category, you'll find watches in classic styles including Tankers, Rolex-stye Datejust, Divers, and regular dress watches.  Amazingly, they have names like Grant, Charles, Ross (Rachel is a corresponding women's watch), Ridgemont, Lloyd, and  Miles. If you are used to model numbers that are random letters and numbers, named watches are quite a good change!

Armitron Rachel and Ross Dress Watches for Men & Women (Armitron website)

In the Iconic category, you'll find some of the most famous Armitron retro digital watches like the Griffy and Rogue.  

The Armitron Rogue Digital Watch

Specialty watches have a nice variety of mechanical skeleton watches. Finally, the Active watches include all sorts of practical digital watches for active sports and fitness. Right now, Armitron doesn't have any Smart watches listed on the site.

I thought I had covered Armitron well in Watches A to Z, but I just scratched the surface.  If you are interested in these watches, all you have to do is visit