Sunday, October 25, 2015

Classic Cheap Watch: Casio MRW200H Dive Watch

As we've been living out of boxes, I've gained an appreciation for one of the cheap watches that came readily to hand:  my Casio MRW200H Dive watch.

Casio MRW200H Dive Watch

It's so light that you barely realize you are wearing it.  You can even sleep whole wearing this watch.  But, it's tough and offers good 100-meter water resistance, too.  For only $25 or so, it is hard to beat.

If you need a decent bang around watch, you can't go wrong with a Casio MRW200H!  You can read my complete review of this watch here.  If you'd like to buy a watch like this, Amazon has plenty of varieties here.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cool Kickstarter Watch Project: NATO Tactical Survival MIL-DIVER watch

If you are looking for innovation and unique style, you have to check out micro-brand watch projects on Kickstarter.  I recently learned of a very interesting dive watch project.  The NATO Tactical Survival MIL-DIVER watch from NATO Brand USA offers all the goodness of a first-rate, automatic, dive watch and adds the innovation of a patent-pending bezel lock that prevents the bezel from rotating once it is locked down.  The watch might take bumps and bashes, but with a locked bezel, your oxygen-tank time doesn't accidentally get shorter!

NATO Tactical Survival MIL-DIVER watches
According to the NATO Tactical Survival MIL-DIVER watches kickstarter site, the MIL-DIVERs will have a screw down crown and will be water resistant to 300 feet or 100 meters (10 Atmospheres).  The case will be stainless steel and the bezel will be ceramic.  

NATO Tactical Survival MIL-DIVER watch partially submerged
NATO Tactical Survival MIL-DIVER watches will be built with a reliable Miyota 9015 Automatic Movement.  For night operations, Super Luminova coatings will be used to emit light all night long until your mission is complete!

Higher pledge levels will be able to choose a Stealth Series watch which will feature a black PVD coated case.  If the project reaches stretch objectives, great things will happen.  If the project raises $40,000, a leather strap will be available.  If the project reaches $50,000, each watch will be upgraded to an amazing 300 meters or 1000 feet of water resistance. If the project reaches $70,000 chronometers will become available.

There are a couple of interesting aspects of this project.  First, each watch will be assembled and cased in the United States.  Second, even small donations to this project are welcomed.  NATO Brand USA will provide cool swag for donations as small as $5.  Check the kickstarter project page for NATO Tactical Survival MIL-DIVER watch for details.  This project could be very exciting.  If you'd like to be a part of it, check them out and pledge as soon as possible.

Note:  NATO Tactical Survival MIL-DIVER is a trademark of NATO Brand USA.  Photos used are courtesy of NATO Brand USA.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

This Timex took a licking and kept on ticking!

It's been the move from hell and it isn't even over.  It rained.  I wasn't fully packed.  The movers were late.  We saved too much stuff to move ourselves.  We had too many narrow staircases to navigate.  The apartment we moved to was in unacceptable shape.  But, through it all, my Timex Easy Reader kept good time.

It got wet.  It got scraped against walls.  It got bounced on banisters.  But, this tough little watch held up well.  As the old commercials said, this Timex took a licking and kept on ticking!