Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Welcome to the Biggest, Baddest, Boldest Watches

One of the boldest new watch makers today is Diesel Timeframes.  They make watches that are big, bright, bold, and colorful.  Their style is distinctive, exciting, and reflects timely urban sensibilities.

Not everyone can pull off the bold Diesel look.  But, if you've got big, bulky, forearms, and a bad ass sense of style, then Diesel watches might be for you. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wenger Swiss Military Watch

For my birthday, my wife got me a couple of watches.  One of them was this very cool looking Wenger Swiss Military Grenedier watch.  It has a Swiss quartz movement, a unidirectional rotating bezel, and a very readable dial.  You can read my completed review here:

Wristwatch Review:  Wenger Swiss Military Grenadier Quartz Watch 

Wenger Swiss Military
I like the look of this watch and now it's hard to differentiate me from a Swiss Commando like this guy!
Swiss Grenadier carring a Stgw 90 whilst taking part in the Swiss raid commando competition 2007.
Surprisingly many of these Swiss quartz watches are reasonably priced.  I found a number of Wenger Swiss Military watches priced between $75 and $135.  If you'd like to join the Swiss Military (at least in spirit), check out some of these great values:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Silver Dial Watches

 Hi Ho Silver!  I really like watches with a silver dial on silver case design.  It's a monochromatic theme that works well.  Silver on silver almost always looks good.  Maybe silver looks good because it is the color of a badge?

The Lone Ranger and Silver
One of my favorite silver on silver watches is a humble  Rumour brand watch that I bought in a department store over a decade ago.

Rumours Brand Watch
If you'd like a silver on silver watch yourself, check out some of these affordable watches on Amazon.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Recommended: My Favorite Armitron Stainless Steel Watch

Sometimes a watch just looks perfect.  It's the right size.  It's the right shape.  It's the right color.  It has a design that perfectly balances machismo with enough refinement to look nice in an office.  For me, my stainless steel Armitron (Model 20/4859GNSVBN) looks just right.  It has a classic contrasting silver on silver design that is an interesting take in military-inspired watches.  It's a classic!

My Favorite Armitron in the Garden of Good Watches
 The only issue I had with this Armitron was that the original leather band was just a tad short.  So, I replaced it with an inexpensive rubber diver-style band that makes the watch look even better!

Armitron (Model 20/4859GNSVBN)
Here is my stainless steel Armitron watch in original form at Kohl's with the original leather band.  For only $67.49, this watch is a definite steal!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Watches at the Runway T.J. Maxx in Atlanta

To celebrate my birthday, my wife and I visited one of five "runway" T.J. Maxx stores in the Atlanta area.  Runway at T.J. Maxx stores have an expanded selection of high end merchandise including watches at typically amazing low prices.  The runway store I visited was located in Dunwoody, Georgia.

While most T.J. Maxx stores have a selection of nice watches with names like Bulova, Invicta, and Stuhrling Original,  this runway store also had some fine traditional Swiss brands like Tissot.  We also saw some nice watches by Croton, Wenger, ESQ by Movado, Seiko, and Renato.

A Croton Skeleton Watch at T.J. Maxx
 This Croton design (above) does a good job a providing a glimpse at the underlying movement while keeping a readable dial.  While this Tissot (below) takes us to the Swiss Alps and the home of traditional craftsmanship.

Tissot at T.J. Maxx
To give you an idea of pricing, this Tissot watch (above) has a suggested retail price of $500, but sells for $329.99.

Diesel at T.J. Maxx
This Diesel brand watch (above) sells for $69.  While this isn't my favorite Diesel design, it is a great bargain for a Diesel watch collector. However, I like this bold Diesel design below: