Sunday, December 31, 2023

Watch Review: Casio Men's Heavy Duty Chronograph Quartz Watch (MCW-100H)

 If you are looking for an inexpensive, bang-around, watch for casual adventures and daily wear, you might consider the Casio Men's 'Heavy Duty' quartz chronograph watch.  This one is Model MCW-100H and generally retails for less than $50.  I like the large readable hands (including a white-tipped bright orange second hand), large hour indices, and practical analog features.

Watch Features

This Casio is an analog watch with sub-dials offering 24-hour time, a chronograph with seconds, and a chronograph dial with up to 30 minutes.  The watch has a readable date window canted at an angle between the 4 and 5 o'clock positions.

The Casio Men's Heavy Duty Chronograph features a Japanese quartz movement.  However, the watch itself is assembled in China with a Chinese case and band.

Watch Style

I find the style of the Casio Men's Heavy Duty Chronograph to be a real strong point. This watch offers much of the style of the popular Casio G-Shock series at a lower price point.  If you don't need the extra ruggedness of a G-Shock or the digital features of a G-Shock, this watch might be a nice alternative. It offers a utilitarian, adventurous, style that is appealing to most men.

I do like that the subdials are still just readable to me on this watch despite my aging eyes.  The watch hands are bright, large, and well marked.  The buttons and crown are protected from inadvertent activation by molded resin bump-outs.

The bright orange band also makes this watch very easy to find on a cluttered vanity top. It's always easy to grab for quick adventures around town.

While this watch is attractive, it's also obviously not an expensive watch.  There's no fear that it will be mugger bait.

Watch Construction

Despite the rugged looks of this watch, it is largely constructed from various plastics.  While the caseback is stainless steel, the watch band and case are made from resin.

If you are an actual adventurer, this watch is water-resistant to 100 meters so it should be fine for swimming or snorkeling, but not scuba diving.

At least one reviewer on Amazon have commented that the resin band on this watch feels more like plastic than silicone or rubber.  I'd have to agree, but I do find this band very comfortable and perhaps not as sweaty as some rubber watch straps can make the wearer feel.

Watch Dimensions

The Casio Men's Heavy Duty Chronograph is a little chunky, but not crazily so.  The case diameter for this watch is 49.3 millimeters and the thickness is 13 millimeters. The strap is 25 millimeters at the case.  It is generous in length and fits my wrist with room to spare.

It's definitely not a think watch, but it fits the wrist well and, thanks to the resin construction, it is lightweight.

For an adventure watch, I think the dimensions of the Casio MCW-100H are just right.

Overall Impression

As I read this review, I'm struck by the number of little compromises that were made in the design and construction of this watch.  Yes, the materials are cheap.  Yes, it is a little chunky.  Yes, it's not a G-Shock.  But, it is a cool watch. It looks good. It is practical and very readable and it is ready for all the adventures that I will dish out.  It is actually one of the best watches around for under $50.  This watch is available here on Amazon.

Tuesday, November 14, 2023 A Great Place for Watch Deals


Have you checked out the Invicta Store online yet?  If not, you're missing out on a place where you can get incredible deals on Invicta Watches.  In the fall of 2023, I got this Invicta Specialty Watch for only $35 before coupons and discounts.  Check out You can get nearly the same deal on it here on Amazon.

On the site, I also found some other great deals for really nice watches for less than $20. 


Perry Ellis branded watches were great deals when I visited  Where else would you find a great rotating bezel, 200 meter water resistance, watch for less than $20.  The site is definitely worth a visit.  

I'll have reviews on these new watches and more in the coming weeks.


Sunday, November 12, 2023

Watch Review: Timex Tribute Series Watch

A Watch for Florida Gators and NCAA Fans

2023 has been a tough football season for the Florida Gators. Even as the team has shown flashes of brilliance and improvement in many areas, they play in a tough league where rival Georgia is building a dynasty and the schools that the Gators "should beat" seem to improve every year.  As of this writing, it looks like the team will have to dig deep and heroes will need to emerge just for the team to become bowl eligible. Fortunately, for Gator fans and alumni, the University of Florida will always be the champions in terms of swag and gear.  In this watch review, we'll take a look at the Timex Tribute Men's Citation 42mm Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel strap.  It's a great watch, just look at that face.

I love that Gator grin.  But, if you are a fan of some other team, you'll likely find your school among the offerings.  44 major universities are represented.  42 are football powerhouses and 2 (Gonaza and Villanova) are known as basketball schools.  I did notice that Notre Dame, Baylor, and the Air Force Academy are not represented.  You'll want to check the list below or the link on Amazon.

Watch Style and Features

The basic style for all of these watch is Silver-on-Silver in a diver-style sport watch arrangement. The bracelet has alternating areas of shiny and flat finish for an attractive overall effect. The watch face has black hour markers and numbers for 12, 3, 6, and 9. There is a small date window just in board of the three o'clock position. The indices for the minutes and seconds are set in white against a dark greenish-gray for contrast. The Timex signature is set in the top half of watch face and the school logo is centered in the bottom half.

Like many sports watches, the bezel for this Timex does not rotate. However, this quartz watch offers helpful Indiglo illumination when you press on the crown. The watch battery should be easy to replace since it uses a standard CR2016 battery that is commonly available.

The standard bracelet is a expansion band.  I was initially concerned that it might pinch or grab hold of arm hairs, but I had none of those issues.  In fact, the bracelet was easy to put on and very comfortable to wear.

In everyday wear, this watch has proven to be comfortable and not too hot.

From a style perspective, the Timex Tribute series of watches have an understated look that is perfect at the Sports Bar or in the business casual workplace.

Watch Construction

This watch has a silver-tone brass case, a stainless steel caseback, and a  stainless steel bracelet. According to the watch dial and caseback, Timex has built this watch with 50 meters of water resistance which is just fine for a sport watch that isn't involved in diving.

Weighing in at just over 3 ounces, one of the nice things about this watch is that it isn't too heavy to wear all day.

This watch was made in the Phillipines so you don't have to worry about funding a likely adversary in some future world war when you buy this one.

Watch Dimensions

This Timex has a 42mm diameter case that is 10mm thick. There's no problem fitting this watch under the cuff of a dress shirt.

The bracelet has a 20mm lug and is about 19 or 20mm wide all the way around your wrist.  It a big enough watch to be masculine without being ridiculous.

Overall Impression

I like this watch alot. For this college football season, it has become one of my favorite everyday wear watches.  Over the years, I've reviewed or highlighted many team watches and this one offers the perfect balance of quality build, attractive appearance, and affordable price point.

College Team Watches Offered

I like this watch and I suspect that you will, too.  If you are interested, you'll find great quality Timex Tribute watches in this style at Amazon (here) for the following teams:

Alabama Crimson Tide, Arizona State Sun Devils, Arizona Wildcats, Arkansas Razorbacks, Army Black Knights, Auburn Tigers, California Golden Bears, Clemson Tigers, Florida State Seminoles, Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Gonzaga Bulldogs, Illinois Fighting Illini, Iowa Hawkeyes, Kansas Jayhawks, Kentucky Wildcats, LSU Tigers, Maryland Terrapins, Michigan State Spartans, Michigan Wolverines, Mississippi State Bulldogs, NC State Wolfpack, Navy Midshipmen, Nebraska Cornhuskers, North Carolina Tarheels, Ohio State Buckeyes, Oklahoma Sooners, Oklahoma State Cowboys, Ole Miss Rebels, Oregon State Beavers, Penn State Nittany Lions, Purdue Boiler Makers, South Carolina Gamecocks, Stanford Cardinal, Syracuse Orange, Tennessee Volunteers, Texas A&M Aggies, Texas Tech Red Raiders, Villanova Wildcats, Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, Washington State Cougars, and West Virginia Mountaineers.

If the Tribute style isn't right for you, you might want to check out the Timex store on Amazon.

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Watch Review: Sean John Black Diamond Watch

In America, you can still go from a tough beginning to billionaire.  No one exemplifies that more than Sean "P. Diddy" Combs.  The platinum recording artist reportedly had a net worth of $1 billion in 2022.  One of the things that propelled his business success was making the hip-hop into fashion with his brand Sean John.

In 2016, Sean Combs sold 90% of the brand to Global Brands Group.  But, late in 2022, he bought the brand back for around $7.5 million when Global Brands Group went into bankruptcy.  Now, you'll find the brand name on all sorts of men's clothing and cologne.

For this review, we'll take a look at an inexpensive Sean John watch that I found at a Burlington store here in Georgia.  It's cost between $20 and $30.  You can find it online at Boscov's and a few other retailers.

Watch Style

The watch is a simple quartz watch with a blue dial featuring the Sean John signature on the top of the dial, "Black Diamond" lettered across the bottom, and a small black diamond accent inset into the 6 o'clock position.  The bezel has a screw down look and the bracelet has a nice shine to it.

The watch fits a little loosely on my wrist and the links of bracelet have a very smooth and comfortable feel.  It's actually a very comfortable watch to wear. If there is one drawback, it is that the watch bezel seems a little prone to pick up fingerprints.

This is a watch that says, "Shiny," but not necessarily gaudy.

Watch Construction

This watch has a stainless steel caseback, a base metal case, and a quartz movement from Singapore.

The watch is powered by a common SR626SW battery.

Watch Dimensions

The Sean John watch has a diameter of 40 mm,  The case is not too thick at 10mm.  The band width is 25 mm at the case and  20 mm the rest of the way around.  The bracelet circumference seems pretty generous.  It fit my wrist comfortably with just a little looseness.  If you need to remove links, it should be easy to do so with a common watch repair kit.

Overall Impression

I'm no hip-hop artist, but I like this watch.  It's a nice addition to any inexpensive watch collection.

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Watch Review: Caribbean Joe Men's Degrade Green Sunburst Dial Strap Watch

When it comes to inexpensive fashion watches, one name has intrigued me for quite a long time:  Caribbean Joe.  As the logo on the dial shows, the brand evokes sunny beaches, swaying palm trees, and an idyllic life in a beach hut.  Who doesn't want that?

With my own summer ruined by a bit of job and career  uncertainty, I had no chance to escape to any tropical places this year.  But, the moment I gazed into the emerald green of this watch face at Kohl's, I was hooked.  You could get a virtual vacation just by checking the time.

Watch Style

Online, Kohl's calls this one the "Caribbean Joe Men's Degrade Green Sunburst Dial Strap Watch."  It's an apt description as you can see from the full picture that the watch does have a sunburst effect with the inner dial in lighter green and the outer portion darkening to a deeper green.

The watch has a gold-tone case and a leather strap.  The hour markers are in white outlined with a thin golden line.  The watch hands are similar outlined with a metallic gold tone.

Watch Construction

Of course, all the glitters is not gold.  I'm sure that a watch that retails for less than $30 won't contain any gold at all.  But, it is a little shiny.  The case is a base metal alloy and the caseback is stainless steel. The strap is made in China from a nice vegan leather. (I don't think China should treat vegans this way, but as long as no part of the vegan goes to waste, I guess it is o.k.)  They make a nice strap that looks like leather.  The crystal is glass.

As a rather dressy casual watch, there is no water resistance promised on the watch or in the online copy.  It's simply a watch for sitting by the beach and not swimming and that's o.k.  The watch uses a Made in Singapore movement powered by a common SR626 battery.

Watch Dimensions

This watch does look good on the wrist.  The watch diameter is 40 mm which is a wonderful proportion that combines readability and manly size without become a heavy hunk of metal on the wrist.  The case is not too thick.  The band width is 17 mm and the watch circumference was listed at 145 mm to 200 mm.  It fit my wrist fairly well.

Overall Impression

The watch comes in a nicely designed and executed box that includes a pillow and makes a nice impression. Overall, I was pleased by this purchase and the looks of this watch.  It's a good value for just about $30.

There aren't many Caribbean Joe watches on Amazon, but you can find a pair of them on Amazon here.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Watch Selection in Kohl's Stores Shrinking

 Over the past year or two, I've noticed the selection of men's watches continuing to shrink at Kohl's.

In one of my local stores, the selection is down to just two shelves of fashion watches.  The fanciest brands of men's watches in this Georgia location are Timex, Armitron, and Casio.  Many of brands are fashion labels like Caribbean Joe or Geoffrey Beane.

Unfortunately, the watches on display were very simple with few, if any complications.  It works out ok since my eyes don't pick up the small print of the extra complications on my watches.

Here is a typical Armitron watch that can be found at Kohl's now.  It's a pretty masculine-looking timepiece.  I didn't pick it up since I have plenty of simple watches in my collection right now.  If you'd like this specific watch, it is available here on Amazon.  A more affordable Armitron alternative is very similar here on Amazon.

A dwindling watch supply leaves me with one major question:  what are dudes supposed to shop for at Kohl's nowadays?  It has long been a traditional favorite store for my wife and me, but I don't need but one air fryer. 

Watch this blog though. I'll soon have a review for an nice Caribbean Joe watch that I did find in the ruins.

Thursday, August 10, 2023

Wristwatch Review : Citizen Weekender Men's Eco-Drive Sport Watch

For everyday wear, I often choose this Citizen Weekender Eco-Drive Men's sport watch (Model AW1585-55L).  It has a sophisticated look and is supremely  easy to read.  The perforations around the bezel subtly evoke thoughts of motorsports.  The watch is marketed in a sports watch line called Citizen AR for "Action Required."

Watch Dimensions:
  This watch comes in at a sensibly pleasing size with a 45mm diameter case that is 12mm thick.  The lugs measure 22mm.  The band measures 222 mm.

  The watch is constructed of black ion-plated stainless steel with a mineral crystal.  It is rated for 100 meters of water resistance.  It's certainly rugged enough for day-to-day adventures.  The bezel does not rotate so it isn't useful for timing scuba dives or pizzas in the oven.

Technical Features:  The watch has a small date window, but no other complications.  That's probably good since my eyes are hard-pressed to pick up the nuances of complications sometimes.  Eco-Drive is the watches main technical selling point.  The watch continuously charges and, once fully charged, this watch will keep time for months in the darkness of a sock drawer.

Overall, this Citizen Weekender watch is a satisfying watch for daily wear.  I enjoy it as a no nonsense practical timepiece with great looks.  If you'd like to buy one, they are available here on Amazon.

Friday, June 30, 2023

Everyday Wear Watch: The Casio MRW-210H in Khaki

Everyday Carry (EDC) is a popular topic for men.  It generates lots of lists of things men carry everyday as they go about their business.  You'll find great suggestions for wallets, pocket knives, multi-tools, field notebooks, and even handguns.  But, what kind of watch do you wear everyday?

Casio MRW-210H in Tan
It's an interesting question because it touches on the watches we wear when we don't necessarily have to go into the office and when a late night run to the convenience store might be more likely than fine dining in the best of local restaurants.  The answers may also vary based on our professions and our hobbies.  Someone who works outdoors or in agriculture or construction may well want to choose a different watch than someone who has an office or work from home (WFH) job.

I find that I often wear a solar-powered Citizen Eco-drive watch or a quintessential bang around like the Casio MRW-210H.  It's easy to read, has a comfortable nylon strap for all day wear, and has a tough resin case.  I've reviewed this model of watch on this blog before here.  However, now, I also have one in an attractive desert tan and black design.  Of course, if you ask me what I'm wearing, I can always say, "Khakis."  

This model of the MRW-210H has numerals that are printed flush on the dial rather than raised a little like on my original watch.  Otherwise, it still has the always useful rotating bezel and 100 meters of water resistance.

For all day wear and for use at a keyboard, this Casio is hard to beat for comfort due to its light weight and a lack of sharp edges or corners on the case or strap.

While this watch looks cool, it's not mugger bait.  It retails for less than $40 in most locations.  If it's not about prestige and just about looking rugged and telling time, this Casio is simply a great choice.

I was able to find a similar watch for a great deal on Amazon.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Watch Review: Bulova Men's Precisionist Stainless Steel Calendar Watch

It's been awhile since my last post or review, but I still buy interesting watches from time to time.  I'm really excited about my most recent purchase. It's my first Bulova Precisionist. The Precisionist line has a 26 kHz quartz movement that three times more accurate than a typical quartz movement. Precisionist watches also feature a continuously sweeping second hand that is very cool to see.  The watch I bought is a Bulova Men's Precisionist 3-Hand Calendar Watch in Stainless Steel with a black leather strap.  It's Bulova watch model number 96B158.

The Bulova Men's Precisionist 3-Hand Calendar Watch (Model 96B158)

Watch Design and Construction

This Bulova Precisionist has a simple, modern, design with a charcoal or gun metal grey watch face with a sophisticated swirl pattern.  The date is at the traditional 3 o'clock position and is large enough for my mid-50s eyes to read without magnification.  The Bulova Tuning fork logo is subtly featured on the crown and buckle.  The case is 42 millimeters in diameter and 10 millimeters thick.  These are nice proportions for most wrists.
The strap is marked with the Bulova brand and labeled as "Genuine Leather" and is 22 millimeters wide.  The exterior is stamped with some sort of alligator or crocodile texture.  For my large wrist circumference, the strap could be a little longer for maximum comfort.

The watch hands and the hour markers in the minute track have a bit of luminous material to help with night time visibility.  In keeping with the smooth sweep of the second hand the extra timekeeping precision of this watch, the minute track is broken down into minutes and fifths of a minute.

The base of the second hand features at an infinity logo that is fun to watch as the hand sweeps around the dial.  Since water resistance is only 30 meters for this dressy watch, the dial trumpets the "Precisionist" movement that vibrates at 262kHz which is eight times faster than most quartz watch movements.

This Bulova Precisionist watch has a stainless steel case with a shiny silver tone to it.  It features a flat mineral crystal and a black leather strap. 

The country of origin is Japan.

Watch Review

It's not often that you can get a relatively affordable luxury watch with a storied pedigree, interesting movement, and cool design.  I love the smoothly sweeping second hand and the subtle design features.  I'm less enthused about the leather watch strap which is of average quality and a little small.  Fortunately, that is the most easily replaced part of this watch package.  Overall, I love this watch and it'll definitely be one I keep for a long time.

If you'd like to get your own Bulova Precisionist Watch, you can find it here on Amazon.