Sunday, May 5, 2024

Watch Strap Review: Benchmark 18mm NATO Zulu Military-Style Watch Band

My scratched up old Vostok Amphibia is looking just a little spiffier with a new strap.  Old Vladimir Putin might be appalled to see that my Soviet watch has joined NATO.  At least, the NATO watch strap alliance.  The photo below shows the old watch sporting a new Amazon purchase: a Benchmark 18mm NATO Zulu Military-Style Watch Band.

Benchmark 18mm NATO Zulu Watch Band

A co-worker of mine bought this watch for me at a Russian flea market after the Berlin Wall fell and the cold war came to an end.  Political concerns make me hesitant to buy a new one.  I just don't want to fund Russia's bellicose adventures.  But, the Walmart velcro strap that I had installed on the watch was looking really old and gnarly.  As a side note, don't remove the metal watch band on one of these Vostok watches, it is very easy to mess them up.

The Benchmark 18mm Watch Strap looks great and arrived in a flash.  The combo is called "Black and Gray Bond Stripes" and it does evoke memories of a James Bond movie from long ago.

I liked that the strap also came with a spring bar to remove your old watch band and a couple of extra pins to install your new one.  I really like the look of my upgraded watch with the new strap.

If you'd like to get a Benchmark NATO-style Zulu Watch Band, you can buy it here on Amazon.  It was a very affordable upgrade for my old watch.

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