Friday, May 24, 2024

TGIF: Always Travel with Cheap Watch

One of my favorite watches has gone missing.  It was my Perry Ellis Deep Diver Watch.  I really liked this watch because it had a rotating bezel and a nice clean look.  Plus, it was a steal at $30 on the Invicta Outlet.

Perry Ellis Diver-Style Watch

I lost this watch during the winter. I went on a business trip, got really sick, powered through my last couple of days and, somewhere along the way, it got lost or stolen.  I either left it in the hotel or lost it at the airport. I think it may have bounced out of a slightly open backpack pocket when I was hustling from the security checkpoint to my gate. Otherwise, nefarious watch thieves might have snatched it from my pack during a moment of inattention.

I have some cool watches inbound from the Invicta Store to replace this one.  But, the moral of this story:  Always Travel with Cheap Watches.  When you hit the road to this summer, you'll want to wear an inexpensive, reliable, watch that you can afford to lose.

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