Monday, November 26, 2012

Relic Sawyer - Perfect for Victory at Sea

My Relic Sawyer Wristwatch looks like something issued by the Navy.  It's sleek, grey, and purposeful -- like a battleship.  The numerals on the bezel are darkened and the face is grey with white baton markers at hourly intervals.  They seem purposeful and warlike.  Even the sub-dials look like nautical instruments.  This Relic watch looks so much like something off of a battleship that I recently took it to a battleship.  I stopped by the U.S.S. North Carolina in Wilmington, North Carolina, over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The U.S.S. North Carolina in Wilmington, N.C.
The Battleship itself is moored just across the Cape Fear River from Wilmington, North Carolina.  It's a lot of fun to find and view on google maps.  For tips on finding the U.S.S. North Carolina and hunting for other battleships, check out my article:

The Battleship and Watch Both Look Sleek

While the Relic Sawyer isn't any kind of official Navy watch, it sure looks like it could be.  However, it's far more affordable than any kind of mil-spec hardware that's designed for extreme conditions.

Ready for Adventure!
Of course, when you strap on this watch, you can't listen to some namby-pamby, snooty public radio, symphony.  You have to listen to something truly awesome.  I recommend the Victory at Sea Soundtrack:

Plus, if you are going to wear a watch that looks like it belongs on a battleship, you should learn something about battleships and there is no better starting point than the best documentary series ever made:

Friday, November 23, 2012

Just Get Him a Timex Already!

Stop agonizing!  You can just get him a Timex.  They make plenty of perfectly respectable watches and they don't break the budget!  I love my Weekender!  It's easy to read.  It has the date.  It lights up at night with a simple press of the crown.  It's only about $35 or so.  It makes a great stocking stuffer watch.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Stocking Stuffer Watches for Men!

Braving the Black Friday Crowds this year?  Need to pick up some stocking stuffer gifts for less than $30? 

Check out this article for watches that might be perfect this Christmas:

Taken by Elf - GNU Free Documentation License

Friday, November 16, 2012

Could a Good Watch Save a General's Career?

"Oh my, look at the time ladies!  I've got a war to fight!"
                                                                - Not Actually Said by General Patton

Here's a tactic for generals in trouble:  when surrounded by bimbos, glance at your watch, politely excuse yourself, and retreat!

If you need a good wristwatch to help defend yourself against bimbos, read:

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Still the One: My Caravelle Diver-Style Watch

As Thanksgiving and Black Friday approach, I've been thinking a lot about which watch is my favorite and which watch makes the perfect holiday gift.  If I could only pick one watch, I'd have to go with my Caravelle.  It's got that diver-style look that everyone craves and it's backed by a respectable name - Bulova.  While it isn't an Omega, it's still the watch that I wear when I want to feel like James Bond for a Day.

Caravelle by Bulova Diver-Style watch

Since the holidays are almost here, I'll soon be sharing some of my articles on the best watches for various price ranges.

[2024 Update:  The Caravelle watches available today have changed alot since 2012.  I suspect that the rise of the omnipresent Smartphone has hurt the watch market a bit.  But, there always seems to be room for watches that bring a sense of style and identity to the wrist.  Lately, Caravelle has had some interesting new offerings.  I like the looks of this Retro Caravelle diver-style model on Amazon.]