Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Moon Phase Watch from Relic

While my tough-looking Relic "Detroit" watch is cool, sometimes you have to set a slightly different tone for the office, job interviews, and other sophisticated functions. For those occasions, I break out what may be my most luxurious Relic watch. My Silver Stainless Steel Multifunction Watch is a moon phase watch. On one of the subdials the sun shows during the day and the moon shows at night. You can read a full review here:
Wristwatch Review: Men's Relic Silver Stainless Steel Multifunction Watch

It's a great watch with all the sophistication of a fine European timepiece at a very affordable $50 to $70 price. You can buy it from Amazon here:

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Men's Relic Detroit Watch

Need a tough looking watch?  Check out the Relic Detroit (ZR11924).  The lighting brightens it considerably in this photo, but it's a dark, brooding, tough looking timepiece.  I like how it evokes classic diver-style and military-style watches.  This watch is perfectly appropriate for the office.

Check out my complete review here:
Wristwatch Review:  Men's Relic "Detroit" Black Silicone Strap Watch

The rugged looks of this watch are great after hours. Below, the Relic Detroit goes well with my leather jacket.  

The Multifunction version of the Relic Detroit looks great as well.  If you'd like to see it, check it out with the Amazon link below:

Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Invicta 1460 Vintage Collection Watch

With as much exposure as the Invicta brand gets on television, I'm surprised to only have two Invicta watches in my collection.  I just bought my second Invicta watch back in November 2011.  I posted about it last month.  It's an Invicta 1460 Vintage Collection Black Dial Watch with a Riveted Leather Band.  I think this watch has a lot of high end features for a low price.  You can read a complete review here:

Wristwatch Review:  Invicta Men's 1460 Vintage Collection Riveted Leather Strap Black Dial Watch

Monday, February 13, 2012

Grenen Men's Stainless Steel Mesh Watch

If you are looking for sparse, functional, Scandinavian design in an elegant and comfortable package check out the Grenen Men's Stainless Steel Mesh Watch.  A Skagen brand, Grenen has many thin, comfortable, dress watches that are excellent for daily wear to the office.

Please check out my full review here --  Wristwatch Review:  Grenen Men's Stainless Steel Mesh Watch