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Wristwatch Review: Brigada Men's Business Casual Quartz Wrist Watch

This review is for a Brigada Business Casual Quartz Wrist Watch.  It's a very inexpensive watch that offered some interesting looking features. With a bronze case, a leather band, and a dial that looked like a camouflage pattern, I thought it would be an interesting watch to check out.  I've been watching the Brigada Brand for awhile and they are definitely an up and coming source of inexpensive watches.

The Dial of my Brigada watch.

Brigada Watch Prices

I now own two Brigada brand watches. The first watch was a conventional dress watch that was a very good value for about $30 in 2023 and this second Brigada watch is a more casual watch that I purchased for roughly $16 in 2024.  Both watches have to be viewed as very inexpensive watches that are really competing with no-name quartz watches on the shelves of stores like Walmart.  This watch arrived in a bundle of bubble wrap instead of a traditional box and I found that a little off-putting.

Brigada Watch Dimensions

This watch was a little lighter and thinner than I had expected. The case was 40 mm in diameter and just 7mm thick.  The band was 20mm wide at the lugs.  Unfortunately, the small size rendered watch features that I thought would be manly and rugged as just a bit dainty.

Brigada Watch Features

The watch has individually placed hour markers and batons.  The bezel is non-rotating.  The crown has a Brigada logo and the caseback is quite attractively etched.  The watch has a Japanese quartz movement and 100-feet of water resistance.

The Brigada Caseback Design

The watch has a brushed aged bronze look that looks a little cheap.  (It's a $16 watch.)  The strap is made of comfortable leather and has a generous length and width.

Detail on the Crown of a Brigada Men's Business Casual Watch

From this perspective (below), you can see how thin and light this watch is.  In a dress watch, the thin nature of this watch would be an asset. However, in a watch with a diver-style bezel, it seems too thin to be credible as a man's watch.

The thin 7mm case of this Brigada Watch

Finally, the strap is off a nice width and comfort level, but for me the buckle design is strange and would just look more at home on a woman's watch.

The wide buckle design on the strap of the Brigada watch


This Brigada watch brings together many desirable features at a very low price point. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work for my personal style and old school sensibilities about traditional masculinity.  I need to dig out my Brigada dress watch and give that a review.  It brings everything you need for a dress watch together very nicely.  If you like the style of this watch, check it out on Amazon as the Brigada Men's Business Casual Quartz Wrist Watch for Mature Men. It may not have worked for me, but it does demonstrate the many features that can be brought together on a low cost watch.  If it fits your sense of style, go for it.

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