Friday, May 17, 2024

TGIF: Forgotten Watchback Gasket O-Rings

So what are these little rubber band looking things?  They are wristwatch back O-ring gaskets.

What's up with this picture?  Well, at least two of my watches won't be quite as waterproof as I think.

Wristwatch Back O-ring Gaskets

 When should I use them?  Ideally, you would replace them on your water resistant watches any time you change the battery.

Gerrit 950-piece Watch Back Gasket Set

 Where can I get them?  You can find this 950-piece kit on Amazon.  They also offer smaller collections on Amazon here.  Another great source of watch parts and tools is a company called Esslinger.  You can find some great deals on They also have video tutorials and other useful items for watch collectors.

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