Friday, March 30, 2012

Something good is going to happen . . .

... over on MyWristwatch Forums when they reach 100 members! We don't know what! But, they only need 14 more members to reach 100! Get over there and join! The suspense is killing us!

My WristWatch Forums

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Need a dark paramilitary look? Try this Timex Expedition!

Timex Expedition Core Resin Watch
If you've ever lusted after one of those tough looking military watches from premium watch company, there is hope from a more affordable watch  source - Timex. This Timex Expedition Core Resin Analog watch is built tough and looks great. Best of all, it sells for less than $50!  

If you'd like to peruse current Timex Expedition watches, check out this Timex selection on Amazon.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Steampunk Clock Find!

I spotted this Steampunk Clock in a local thriftstore this afternoon. I carried it around in the store with me for awhile, but decided to put it back on the shelf. It looked kind of cool! But, I wasn't sure where I would put it and I wasn't sure if it even worked.

It's an interesting piece that's for sure!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The last of my secret stash -- the Relic Sawyer Chronograph

I stockpiled a few new watches before starting a new job last year. I called this collection my secret stash. Here is the last one from my secret stash. It's a Relic Sawyer Chronograph.

If you'd like to read a complete review of this cool watch, check out my article --
Wristwatch Review: Men's Relic Sawyer Chronograph

Friday, March 16, 2012

A Bulova makes the scene

Sometimes a nice watch can make you feel like you have executive potential. At least, my new Bulova did! I recently had to speak in front of a large crowd of co-workers and managers and those Bulova tuning forks were a real confidence boost.

Best of all, this prestigious Bulova can be bought for a steal! My wife bought it for me for Christmas for $99 at Sears. But, I've recently seen them for as low as $67 on the Internet.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Do you like watch complications? How about fake ones?

I have this Merona Watch from Target that looks like a million bucks. But, it has a secret: the Subdials don't work! They are just there for appearance sake. They bug me. Do they bug you?

A Merona Watch from Target with Fake Subdials

[12 years and many watches later in 2024: I'm not so keen on subdials and I'm ok if they don't work.]

Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Local Watch Store - All About Watches

I recently visited "All About Watches" a watch store located in northwest Atlanta's Cumberland Mall (just inside the Perimeter at I-75 & I-285 near the Cobb Energy Center).

The store offers while you wait jewelry repair services and I had a couple of special watches that I wanted to get serviced. I got a couple of links taken out of a Bulova watch band and a battery replaced on a Seiko in about 20-30 minutes on a busy Saturday. My total cost was $35 and the storekeeper let me try the Bulova with one and then two links removed.

While I was waiting, I noticed that the store had a very interesting selection of watches in a wide variety of price ranges. Some of the watches they carried included Bulova, Caravelle by Bulova, Skagen, Seiko, WeWood, and Caterpillar. There were other brands as well. They also have clocks by companies like Seiko, Bulova, and Rythm. Since I have another Bulova watch to take in for a new battery, I'll try to notice more in a couple of weeks.

I had never seen Caterpillar brand watches, but they were quite attractive. The store's selection of Caravelle watches was quite extensive. They had a much larger selection of Caravelle watches than the nearby Sears. Since I think the Caravelle watch brand offers a lot of value for the money, I'll definitely file that tidbit away. The visit and service were a reminder that local brick-and-mortar watch stores are definitely worth a visit.

My Seiko Lives Again!

Thanks to a battery change by my local watch store - "All About Watches" in Atlanta's Cumberland Mall - my Seiko University of Florida watch lives again! It had been sitting unworn in my watch box since it died back in 1992!!!