Monday, May 6, 2024

Sharp Watch Shout Out: Timex Waterbury Traditional GMT watch

Over the years, we've all gotten used to Timex as a purveyor of relatively inexpensive watches that are reliable, practical, and a good value for the money.  But, beneath the surface, there runs a stream of higher quality fine watches that provide good value and a little something more.  A good example of a premium Timex watch is this Timex Waterbury Traditional GMT watch.  It's a nice looking watch that offers a little more style and panache.  Timex was originally founded as the Waterbury Clock Company in 1854.

The Timex Waterbury Traditional GMT Watch

This particular Timex Waterbury Traditional GMT watch has a 39mm diameter case that is 11 mm thick. While the advertising title on Amazon includes the word automatic, it does actually have a quartz movement.  However, this is a great looking watch to consider.  It's certainly a step above the ordinary Timex watch.

Today, Timex is one of the largest watch companies at the world. Some people might scoff at them as a mass production watchmaker.  But, if you check out the company's wikipedia entry, you'll find that Timex also encompasses many respected fashion and luxury watch brands.

If you're looking for other interesting Timex watches, look for Timex Waterbury on Amazon or Timex Q on Amazon.

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