Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Favorite Diver Style Watch: The Caravelle by Bulova Stainless Steel Diver Style Watch

[I can't believe I've been blogging about watches for 12 years.  It's been amazing and fun.  Now, I can update some of my original posts with a little more watch wisdom.]

I really enjoy classic Diver Style watches.  They have a simple, clean, functional design, and they usually have a bezel that turns.  A rotating bezel is great for timing things while wearing an analog watch.  My favorite diver style watch is my current Caravelle By Bulova Stainless Steel Watch (Model 45B35K).

It's black.  It's stainless.  It has a simple rotating bezel. What's not to like? 

[As it turned out, there were a few flaws not to like with this good looking watch.  It wasn't the face or case, it was the strap that presented problems.  Within a year, the strap got brittle, and showed signs of white oxidation.  It was also impossible to replace.  Going forward, I would recommend watches with more conventional strap attachments or stainless steel.

You won't find the Model 45B35K Caravelle watch on Amazon anymore, but Caravelle branded watches are still going strong.  Today, I'd be far more inclined to recommend something like this more modern model on Amazon: Caravelle by Bulova Model 43B162.  It has a trouble-free stainless steel band.

To maximize value, visit the Bulova Store on Amazon and check out the Caravelle watches.]

What time is it? Introducing The Watch Dude Blog

It's time for a new blog about wristwatches.  For years, articles about wristwatches have focused on expensive and unusual mechanical watches that cost lots of money.  But, this blog will mostly focus on men's wristwatches that we can all afford.  It'll focus on the watches that I own from companies that we all know - brands like Casio, Timex, Relic, Bulova, and Seiko.  You'll get to read about funky little $15 watches from Target and Walmart.  Of course, if a Rolex drops from the sky, I'll write about it.

These days, my favorite watch is pretty simple.  It's a simple Casio TeleMemo 30 World Time Ana-Digital Watch.  It cost about $30.  But, it is amazing.  You can read a complete review here - Casio TeleMemo 30 World Time Ana-Digital Watch.  The latest version of this watch can be found on Amazon as the Casio Men's AW81D-2AV Ana-Digi Stainless Steel Watch.

Casio TeleMemo 30 - Ana-Digital Watch