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Wristwatch Review: Steve Madden Analog Sport Watch

Steve Madden is an American fashion designer who got his start manufacturing and selling his own shoes in New York City. A few months ago, I came across Steve Madden watch at a Nordstrom Rack brick-n-mortar store. The watch had an interesting blue design with blue numerals and markers, blue hands, and a blue strap. It was also priced to move at $30 or less.

A Steve Madden Quartz Sports Watch from Nordstrom Rack


The watch has a stainless steel caseback, a black base metal case, and a blue silicone strap. Lettering on the dial seems to be a shiny blue foil.  The fundamentals of the watch are pretty decent.


The watch is a comfortable size with a 45mm diameter case that is about 10mm thick.  The lugs are approximately 22mm and the watch strap tapers a little to about 20mm.  I found the watch to be appropriately size with plenty of strap loops to allow for adjustment.

The Silicone Strap of a Steve Madden Watch

The watch sits well on the wrist and doesn't stand too tall.  It's a fairly low key watch that is good for banging around on the weekend.  It might be a little too casual for most professional workplaces.

The profile of this Steve Madden Quartz Sport Watch


One thing for sure, this watch goes well with blue.  It's comfortable for casual wear and it is easy enough to read since the blue watch hands do contrast against the black background.  However, the foil outline for markers and the fairly dark hands and dial don't make it the easiest of watches to read.  You can read it, but it's not instantly readable like a watch with white markers and some degree of lume.  At $25-$30, this watch is a pretty good deal.  I've seen Steve Madden watches at a variety of outlets including Burlington. I wear this watch fairly often since it is comfortable. Overall, I'd rate this Steve Madden watch as a pretty good deal.

A closeup of the dial of a Steve Madden watch

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