Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ana-digital Watches from US Polo Association

Over the holidays, I spent a little time nosing about in department stores and looking at watches.  Here are a couple of ana-digital watches from U.S. Polo Association.  Ana-digital watches supplement the traditional hands of an analog watch with digital watch features.  It's interesting to see how different watch companies strike a balance between traditional style and futuristic features with analog digital watches.

This first US Polo watch goes in a digital direction with a face that is dominated by digital features.

However, this US Polo watch takes a different tack by emphasizing the analog features of a very readable diver-style watch and adds a little extra digital feature at six o'clock.

I've read a few tweets disparaging U.S. Polo Association as a copy of the popular Ralph Lauren Polo brand.  Ironically, the U.S. Polo Association brand is the official brand of the actual governing body of Polo - the US Polo Association.  I figure that if I buy a US Polo watch from Kohl's or Sears, I'm a classy guy supporting the sport of kings.

By Ficflash (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

You can be a classy guy too.  Check out US Polo Association Watches on Amazon. Ironically, US Polo Association watches offer great looks at very affordable prices.

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Bulova is a winner!

I recently won a pair of sunglasses from Bulova through a Twitter contest. A photo of my Bulova watch was chosen as a photo of the day! Here's my picture. I call it "Bulova in the Boardroom."

Bulova dress watch (Model 9B168)

If you are looking for this watch, it is Bulova dress watch (Model 9B168). Bulova is a great brand for watches that are a step above the commonplace without getting into the stratosphere of ridiculous pricing.

[As of 2024, this watch might be a very hard find.  However, Amazon still offers plenty of classic Bulova watch styles here.]


Monday, January 14, 2013

Structure Ana-Digital Watch in White

I'm not a fan of white watch bands for men.  But, if I were, I'd definitely check out this ana-digital watch from Structure.  The white face and contrasting black bezel look cool and give this watch a very masculine look.  It's the kind of watch that looks like it would belong to some sort of snow mobile champion or Scandinavian commando.

A Structure Ana-Digital Watch at Sears

Monday, January 7, 2013

Classic Watch Style at Any Price

Structure is one of my favorite inexpensive watch brands.  However, this Structure watch from Sears looks an awful lot like the Fossil Ansel watch I bought from the Fossil Outlet a few months ago.

The only thing that is missing is the date function.  Otherwise, these watches look very, very, similar.  Perhaps the Structure is an homage to the Fossil which is probably an homage to an old Timex.

The Structure watch costs about $30 and the Fossil Watch costs $70 to $115 depending on where you buy it and what discounts you get.  These are great looking watches.  But, the similar styles make me wonder if they are churned out by the same sweatshop in Chinese Watch Village #637.

Since I've had issues with one of my Structure watches, I'd sure like to think that the Fossil watch is a little more substantial and accurate.