Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Watch Sighting: Viewpoint Watch at Walmart

There is a new watch brand at Walmart.  It's called Viewpoint or V|P for short.  It's a Timex brand and it appears to be aimed at bringing interesting low-cost watches to the Walmart jewelry section.  The watch example that I've seen for the last few months has featured a dial with painted on and relief features that evoke the gearing of a mechanical or automatic watch.  However, as the low price watch $29.92, this is definitely a quartz watch.

I'm not a big fan of watches that don't put function first. When subdials don't work, I get a bit frustrated. Initially, I felt the same way about the Viewpoint watch. If it's not a mechanical watch, why paint gears on the dial? However, over the past few months, I've come to view the dial as a merely a design feature. It's just art--a painting of gears.

The thought that the gears are merely graphic design element has made me a bit more accepting of this watch. Someone who purchases this watch might at least remember and reflect that all watches were once mechanical marvels.

At less than $30, this watch does offer 30-meters of water resistance, a mineral glass crystal, and a metal bracelet.  That's not a bad value for a Timex product.  If you are wandering about in a Walmart and you like the look, check out the Viewpoint watch!

[Amazon offers Viewpoint watches for women.]