Monday, May 27, 2024

The Return of the Casio Forester: The Ultimate Beater Watch

I got it.  Again.  One of my favorite watches has returned to my wrist!  It's the ultimate beater watch.  It's the Casio Forester.  It was only $21.92 at Walmart and I could not resist.

I don't think I've worn one of these watches in a decade.  But, I really should have.  It's still a lightweight comfortable bang around watch.  This one is still super fresh.  But, the Casio Forester is the ultimate beater watch.  You can read my full Casio Forester review here.

Oh sure, the Casio G Shock and the Timex Ironman have their fans, but for my money, the Forester is the best of the beater watches.

Why is the Casio Forester the ultimate beater watch?

1. It's cheap.  The Casio Forester is still less than $25 at Walmart.  You can still find it cheap here on Amazon.  If you are going to beat up a watch, beat up a cheap watch. G Shock watches are great, but they aren't cheap.

2. It has 100 meters of water resistance.  Pro Tip:  if you need more water resistance, you aren't in a forest. 

3. It's tough. Thick plastic surrounds a small dial making it a tough target to whack.

4. It's simple. When you are wearing a beater watch, you are doing something else.  You are hiking or fishing or mowing a lawn.  You aren't making a fashion statement. All you need is the ability to quickly see the time.

I may have to dig out my Crocodile Hunter memorial shirt, grab my machete, strap on this watch, and head out in the jungle.

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