Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wristwatch Review: Nautica Quartz Black Dial Signal Flag Watch

For my recent birthday, I received two new watches.  Here is one of them.  It's a Nautica Quartz Watch with a black dial and signal flags on the bezel.  My wife found a pretty good deal on this model at  According to Amazon, this Nautica is listed as the Unisex NAD09509G NSR 100 FLAG Analog Display Quartz Black Watch.  As with many watches these days, I think there are some opportunities for marketing departments to come up with better names for watch models.

Nautica Black Dial Signal Flag Watch

Nautica Watch Design

I really like the design of this Nautica signal flag watch.  This Nautica combines traditional elements of a diver style watch and the nautical signal motif with a bit of the black seriousness of "commando" watch.  Nautica has several watches where the signal flags are on the dial and are actually colorful flags.  Those watches have a lighter mood about them than this Nautica in black.

The Nautica logo is featured in this design on the watch strap.  It is positioned on the upper part of the strap and faces away from the wearer.  Thus, it isn't a distraction to the wearer and let's the world know that you are wearing a Nautica watch.  The Nautica logo is also featured prominently on the nicely engraved back plate of the watch.

The Nautica label is also featured with the brand name on the clasp and on the logo faintly etched into the crown of watch.  These are premium details that are expect in a watch at this price level.  I thought they were nicely done.

Nautica Watch Proportions

This Nautica is just about the right size for daily wear.  The case is 44 millimeters in diameter and 12.5 millimeters thick.  Since the bezel doesn't rotate, the watch could probably be a millimeter or two thinner.  However, this watch hides under a long sleeved dress shirt with no problem.

Nautica Watch Construction and Function

This Nautica has a reliable quartz movement.  Warranty service is provided by Timex.  The watch has a stainless steel case and case back.  It offers water resistance to 50 meters (165 feet).  The dial is protected by a durable mineral crystal.  The strap is made of silicone.  It seems durable and a little more pliable than a resin strap. After 15 days of wear, the watch and strap seem to be holding up well.  Overall, the timekeeping and water resistance capabilities of this watch are great.  If there is a downside to the functionality of this timepiece, it's that the bezel doesn't rotate.  Yes, it is a cool looking fashion watch, but a rotating bezel would make it even cooler.

Nautica Black Dial Signal Flag Watch

Nautica Watch Overall Review

This Nautica Signal Flag Black Dial watch is a great watch for daily way.  It is comfortable and good looking.  Overall, I really like it and recommend it.

If you are looking for this watch in other colors, check out these two models.  As you will see, this watch takes on a very different personality with a black and yellow motif or when done in blue.

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