Monday, September 26, 2016

What kind of watch is in the GMC commercial?

"Wow!  That's a cool watch!"  It's a statement I've said aloud nearly every time I've seen the watch in the "sharp" commercial for the GMC Denali series of full-sized SUV.  

What's that watch in the GMC commercial?

Our hints are revealed in a quick turn of the wrist.  The dial is labeled "Lancaster, Pennsylvania USA" at 3 o'clock and "RGM" on the left.  The watch itself is the RGM 400 Chronograph and it retails for about $3,500.  But, before you click on, there is something very special you should know about an RGM watch.  It's made in America.  

RGM 400 Chronograph from GMC Denali Commercial
RGM Watch Company is America's premiere watch maker.  Founded by Roland G. Murphy, the company has been making watches in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for 20 years.  Murphy started out as an assistant at a clock repair shop, and then pursued a passion for fine timepieces at trade school and through advanced training in Switzerland.  Today, RGM is one of the only American watch companies making precision movements "in house" right here in America.  They use a mix of traditional and automated processes to efficiently make high quality timepieces.  If you visit the RGM site, you'll see mechanical watches that are within the range of middle class aspirations to the prestigious Pennsylvania Tourbillon for the most wealthy of watch collectors.  These watches incorporate mechanical genius and exquisite craftsmanship that rivals anything produced in Europe.

If you appreciate the precision of a GMC Denali, you'll love the precision of an RGM watch.  RGM is a watch company that makes all Americans proud!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Timex Expedition Camper - A Simple Watch for Telling Time

There are a lot of new watch brands offering watches with basic readable dials.  It's a move towards simplicity in a complex world.  But, if you want simplicity, you don't have to gravitate towards an new and expensive watch brand, traditional brands like Timex have plenty to offer.  Simple watches are not about cache, they are about telling time.

I recently spotted this Men's Timex Expedition Camper watch at a local Walmart store.  It has 24-hour and traditional 12-hour markings for time.  It also has a comfortable nylon fabric strap with hook and loop closure. The white dial and black case evoke the traditional school room clock.  For less than $32, this Timex Expedition easily fits most budgets.

However, low cost isn't the only reason to choose a Timex Camper watch.  The watch has Indiglo dial backlight for night use.  With a 100-meter water resistance, this Timex should also hold up to trips to the local swimming hole.  However, if you aspire to ninja-hood, you'll also find the all black version ready for action!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Solid Citizen - Basic Citizen Watches for Men

When it comes to watches for men, sometimes basic models are best.  They have a simple, functionality, that can be refreshing.  The trend towards basic models that sometimes invoke the classic watches of the 1960s and 1970s, has been called the classical revival.  I just think basic watches are good for readability, reliability, and focus on the essential task of telling the time.  I recently spotted two excellent examples of basic watches from Citizen at my local Belk department store.

Citizen Men's Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Watch

The first watch I sighted is this Citizen Silver-Tone Stainless Steel Watch (Model BF0580-57L).  It has a brilliant blue dial, a stainless steel band, and a pair of classic Citizen batons at 12 o'clock.  It has a 40 millimeter diameter case, and a day and date window in the 3 o'clock position.  It's the kind of no nonsense wristwatch that lets potential employers know that you are ready for business.  The crown is protected with bump-outs from the case.  Water resistance is only 30 meters so you'll have to leave it in your shoes when you go to the beach.

Citizen Stainless Steel Watch
Watches like this Citizen Stainless Watch go on sale regularly and can bring customers into a department store like Belk.  The venerable southern department store currently lists these watches for $89.97 online.  The price on Amazon follows closely.

Citizen Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

This Citizen Men's Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch (Model BI1030-53A) is another no-nonsense watch that is perfect for job interviews.  It has a 42 millimeter diameter case with a date window at the 6 o'clock position.

Citizen Silver Tone Three Hand Watch (Basic)
Belk calls this watch the Silver Tone Three Hand Watch (Basic) and sells it for around $90.  It's a good deal.  However, it's also worth noting that for a little extra ($50 to $60), you could get watches like these in the hassle-free, battery-free, Citizen Eco-Drive format.

As simple as these watches seem, it's tempting to simply buy a generic watch.  There are plenty of them around.  However, you notice the fit, finish, and quality of materials simply aren't up to the levels set by the mainstream powerhouse brands like Citizen, Seiko, or Pulsar.  It's worth it to get into the respected brands.  Otherwise, a watch might get noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

MeisterSinger Watches: A Single-handed Watch for Maximum Tranquility

I recently read about MeisterSinger Watches in About Time magazine. MeisterSinger is a premium watch brand dedicated to single-hand watches. One of the most affordable watches in their lineup is the Metris Men's Watch.  I find the vintage look of the ivory dial.

MeisterSinger Metris Men's Watch

The company believes that some things are simply not to be rushed. On their website they link their watches to the medieval single-hand clocks in towers all over Europe. People devoted themselves to spending quality time, taking time to do things right, and not being rushed. The absence of the minute hand encourages a state of mind that is not pushed or stressed by the passage of minutes.

Meistersinger explains this is section of their website titled the Rituals of Time. Customers are encouraged to enjoy the rituals of their day and to savor and value time. If that so, customers would likely really enjoy the Meistersinger Lunascope watch that features a beautiful moonphase complication.

Meistersinger Lunascope Watch

If you are interested in a high quality single-handed watch from a premium Swiss maker, you should definitely check them out!