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Watches A to Z: Bulova

One of my favorite brands of wristwatch is Bulova. To me the brand brings three important things to the table:  history, luxury, technical innovation, and style. Best of all, Bulova timepieces are accessible to me as a middle class person. On Amazon, you can regularly find Bulova watches at price points between $150 and $4500.  The company also owns the Caravelle brand which offers some really nice watches at lower price points.

My first Bulova Watch

Bulova History

Bulova was established in 1875 and had a long history as an independent American watch company. Since 2008, the company has been a subsidiary of a respected Japanese multinational watch company: Citizen. From humble beginnings as a jewelry shop founded by Joseph Bulova on Maiden Lane in New York City, the company rose to regularly participating in space missions.

Famous Bulova Watches

Perhaps the most famous Bulova watch is the Lunar Pilot.worn by Commander David Scott on the Apollo 15 moon landing.  I've mentioned this famed Bulova before on this blog.  The crystal of his NASA-issued Omega Speedmaster popped off and Commander Scott used his personal Bulova watch on a moonwalk.  In 2006, the original Bulova Lunar Pilot chronograph that went to the moon was auctioned off for $1.625 million at auction.  It's amazing that Bulova offers a new quartz Lunar Pilot that is an homage to the original and that we can actually afford it for our collections.

Astronaut David R. Scott, Apollo 15 commander., Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons (Bulova is strapped to his left forewarm).

My Bulova Watches

I feel very lucky to have a few Bulova watches and I'll probably get more in the years to come. I currently have a Bulova dress watch, a vintage Bulova Marine Star watch, and a Bulova Precisionist Stainless Steel Calendar watch.  

Bulova Precisionist Quartz Watch

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