Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bad, Bad, Balboa Biker Watches

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, freedom is in the forefront of everyone's mind.  To many people, nothing epitomizes freedom more than the motorcycle and the open road.

By Arto Alanenpää (Own work) [CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Of course, if you are going to be a motorcyclist, you have to have the entire bad-ass ensemble to go with your ride.  You've got to have the leathers, the boots, and a biker watch.  I found these Balboa brand biker watches online.

This one has a crossed-bones motif and German-inspired cross.  The one below has a hot biker chick.  I thought she was only on big truck mud flaps, but apparently she gets around.

Finally, we get the good old-fashioned skull and crossbones on a background of fire.  In the world of biker watches, it is a conservative choice!

If you are interested click through to learn more.  I also found more Balboa-brand watches online at  All seem to sell for less than $50.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Contests, Contests, Contests!

Are you still using a hammer and chisels to repair your watches?  It's not very effective.  You probably need some watch repair tools.  Fortunately, I learned of a contest that can help you win some!

To recruit new members, increase forum participation, and be kick ass in general, the guys over at MyWristwatch Forums are running a very cool contest.  At stake is a nifty watch sizing and repair tool kit.  Check out the contest rules on their "promotions and give aways" forum.  It's a great group of  watch collectors!

If you win, come back and buy this course:

Photo By Janekpfeifer (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Attention Commandos, Cat Burglars and Art Thieves - Here are Your Watches!

If you are a commando, a jewel thief, or a late night art collector, you need a watch that will work well in the dark. As movie goers know every good raid or exciting heist begins with synchronizing watches.

Jaubert commandos demonstrating a mock seaborne assault on the support vessel Alcyon during the Brest sea show of 2004 (July 2004).

I really like this Timex Military Classic because it embodies both military style and the covert style.  For less than $100, it's a good deal.

Most of us will never have a cool code name like Sea Ninja.  But, we can still get cool watches that would look perfect on a SCUBA commando.  I like the Insignum Subwave Black IP Dive Watch with a black dial and bezel.   It's a German-designed watch with all the expected dive watch features in a stealthy black package.  For capabilities like 200 meter water resistance, stainless steel construction, screw down crown, and 2x cyclops, it was a good deal at $248.00.  But, alas, the brand is no longer available in the U.S.

Insignum Subwave (photo courtesy of
Perhaps you like a Picasso for your living room?  There's sure to be one in any big city museum.  This Movado BOLD Motion watch looks like the perfect watch for the cunning art thieves of this world.  It would be the perfect watch for a gallery reception or a late night visit.

My guide takes you from these into the realm of even more expensive watches.  But, the basics of stealth and capability stay the same.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Rainbow of Watch Colors

Happy Father's Day.  Today, I'm glad that my father set my fashion sense firmly on masculine ground.  In my world, there are really only four colors for a watch strap or bracelet:  silver, gold, black, or brown.  I've got one dark blue watch and I know it is a man's watch because it says Timex IronMAN right on the front.

But, today many people must feel differently.  It's o.k.  We live in a diverse culture and the idea of a proper watch is changing.  Men can now get watches in a veritable rainbow of watch case and watch band colors.  There are really bright reds now.  You won't lose this red Casio G-Shock anywhere!

Yellow used to be an unheard of color for a men's watch, but now you can get yellow watches.  This Zippo watch is a men's watch.  It's for outdoor adventures.  If you are adventuring outdoors with this watch and have an accident, the rescue helicopter should be able to find you.

Zoo York has gone green with this affordable ana-digital watch.  But, at least, it looks like a rugged manly watch.  You could be a forest ranger with this watch.

Perhaps this is just part of the trend towards unisex watches.  It's getting hard to tell which watches are for men and which watches are "boyfriend" watches for women.  The "Lodown Watch" by Nixon looks like it is intended for people who want to work with Microsoft Excel all the time!  But, it is actually for surfers who want to keep track of tides at 200 beaches around the world.

This colorful men's watch trend is a fashion movement that I'm just not too sure about.  Maybe I should just get a bunch of different colors on one watch band?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thre3 Sport Watch for Men

One of the inexpensive brands that I like is a brand called Thre3 from the U.S. Polo Association.  Thre3 watches are sold primarily at Kmart for $25 or less.  It's a typical discount store quartz watch made by the Geneva Watch Group.  But, it has a really cool face.  It's quite readable and comfortable.  Plus, it looks classy when held near a luxury car.

A Thre3 Sport Watch from Kmart
For a complete review, read more here -

[While you might not be able to find the Thr3 brand on store shelves in 2024, you can still find plenty of US Polo Assn watches here on Amazon and in stores.]

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zoo York Watches for Men

Saturday evening I spent a little time checking out the watch offerings from Zoo York at Kohl's.  These men's watches have a young, graffiti-influenced, urban feel.  For about $30 to $35, you can get a New York look from Zoo York watches.  Zoo York watches are simple quartz watches.  But, they offer a good value for the money.

Some of the Zoo York watches use different dial shapes with good results.  For example, I like the way this one looks with its rectangular face and leather band.

This one has a very wide band.  It gives the watch a very hip, urban, look.

Zoo York watches are inexpensive quartz watches, but they offer a variety of unusual styles and are well worth a look.  Here's one of my favorites on Amazon:

Zoo York Men's ZY1054 Street Matte Black Analog Watch