Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Big Watch from MZ Berger and Walmart

I like big watches and I cannot lie! Big watch faces are in!  Big watches grab your attention and hold it.  They are also easy to read and visible from afar.  They aren't right for everyone.  However, I'm a big guy and they look perfectly scaled to my wrists.  This big ana-digital watch was made by MZ Berger for Walmart and it looks great.  Since it was only $12, it definitely fit my budget!  It was meant to be!

If you have metal allergies, you might note that the wristband for this watch fits completely between the watch and your wrist!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Big Digital Watch from Mossimo

It's hard to pass by the watch department at Target or Walmart.  They always have interesting, but inexpensive, watches.  On a recent trip, this big Mossimo digital watch caught my eye and my wife insisted that I get it.  Since it was only $20, I obliged and it has turned out to be a great watch. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Psssst.... check out Watches at Walmart!

Watch enthusiasts tend to look far and wide for their latest timepieces.  However, they could save a lot of money if they just went to Walmart.  A whole wide world of watches awaits with prices as low as $7.  Most sell for about $12.88. 

The Watch Shelf at Walmart

Name brand watches from Casio, Timex, Carriage, Armitron, and Elgin are also available.  Most are very reasonably priced.  For example, one alternative to Casio's expensive G-shock models might be this simple, but colorful, digital model for only $14.24.

A Bright Blue Casio Digital Watch

Of course, if you like the Walmart price on this inexpensive Casio watch, you'll really love this low price for the same watch on Amazon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Cheap Watch from Gruen that Intrigued Me

Recently, a cheap line of watches caught my eye at my local Kohl's Department store.  They are called "Precision by Gruen" and they retail for about $30.  Long ago, Gruen used to be a respected American watchmaker.  However, they are now a brand name for watches imported from China.  However, they have one diver's style watch that has a working, rotatable, bezel.  Since I'm a sucker for rotating bezels, I had to buy it.  Rotating bezels are useful for measuring elapsed time on analog diver-style watches.  Since Kohl's regularly runs good sales, I was able to pick up a "Precision by Gruen" watch for about $21.  These watches look like good competitors for entry-level Casio, Timex, and store-brand watches.

A Precision by Gruen Watch from Kohl's

Sunday, September 18, 2011

In the Army now . . . the Swiss Army!

If you are in a martial mood, you might check out a Swiss Army watch.  I received this Wenger Swiss Army watch many years ago as a gift and it's really neat to have a watch that's actually made in Switzerland.  This watch has a quartz movement.  If you like wristwatches from a particular company, but can't afford an expensive automatic watch, you might consider a quartz watch from the same company.   If you'd like a Wenger Watch of your own wing on over to the Wenger Watch listings on Amazon.

A Wenger Swiss Army Watch

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Expendible Timex Expedition

If it takes a licking, just get another one. . .

Every once in a while, a dude has to go on an adventure. It means stepping away from the keyboard, putting down the game controller, and actually going outside into the elements. Out there, you're going to need an adventurous watch. There are two schools of thinking about adventurous watches. Some people want an expensive multi-function watch that can do everything. Others might want a cheap almost disposable watch that can easily be replaced. 

One such cheap adventurer's watch might be the basic analog Timex Expedition Camper watch. It looks tactical, but it's got a black fabric band and a plastic case in its least expensive version. It keeps time well though and can be had for just over $20. It has macho looks and a Timex indiglo backlighting system, but is dirt cheap in its most basic form.

[For a slightly more modern rendition of this classic watch, check out this Timex Camper watch on Amazon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Great Watch for the Woods from Casio: The Casio Forester

The Casio Forester is a great watch for outdoor activities.  It has a rugged, nylon and velcro band, and a tough plastic case.  If damaged, the Casio Forester is cheap enough to replace.  It has military colors.  Overall, it's a great bang-around watch for weekend wear.

You can read my complete review here:

Wristwatch Review:  Casio Forester Men's Analog Watch

Hitting the trail with a Casio Forester
If you'd like to snag a Casio Forester from Amazon, simple click this link:  Casio Forester on Amazon.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle! Casio has your watch!

Are you an outdoorsman?  Do you explore the woods, the fields, and the jungles?  The Casio Pathfinder Hunting Timer can tell you the best times to fish and phase of the moon.  Plus, it has a camouflaged band to help you blend in!  My complete review is published here:

Wristwatch Review:  Casio Pathfinder Hunting Timer Digital Watch

Here is my Casio Pathfinder and Mothra--a typical Florida-sized bug!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

An Automatic Watch from a Surprising Place: Walmart

A diver-style automatic watch has long been my primary objective as a watch lover.  No wristwatch has quite has the style and panache of a mechanical Rolex.  The automatic movement has long been set forth as an engineering achievement.  Unfortunately, names like Rolex and Tag Heuer have long been out of my household budget.  Yet, I have a beautiful automatic watch with a visible movement and the traditional masculine style of a diver's watch.  Even better, I spent less than $50.  What can I say?  Thanks Walmart!

An Automatic Skeleton Watch from Walmart

[Update:  Since I first posted about this amazing Walmart automatic watch, skeleton automatic watches from Asia have become commonplace.  At times, off-brand automatic skeleton watches have been available for less than $30.  As for this $50 Walmart watch, I always wondered if the retail giant brought it to market just to place pressure on Armitron to sell at even lower price points.  Perhaps we'll never know, but check out this Armitron watch on Amazon.  It surely makes you wonder.]

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Are you ready for football season?

It's finally football season again!  This year the Florida Gators are taking the field with a new coach.  Their first opponent will be Florida Atlantic University.  I'll be showing my support with this Gametime Agent Series Team Watch.  It's got the Gator logo front and center.  Of course, if you support another team, you'll have to get one for your team.  Of course, Georgia fans might be out of the luck.  These are analog watches and I don't think they make a digital version.

You can read a complete review here on this blog:

Wristwatch Review: The GameTime Agent Series Team Watch

By the way, it's great to be a Florida Gator!  I hope the team is off to a great season.

[Update:  As of 1/6/2024, I no longer see Gametime watches on Amazon.  However, the site has many affordable Gator and other NCAA team watches here under the Suntime Watch brand.]