Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: Casio Classic MTP-3050D-2AV 10 Year Battery Watch

I don't post about this watch very often.  It's a simple plain Casio analog watch with a small dial, 50 meters of water resistance, no fancy features, and a basic streamlined design.  But, it does have one cool thing:  A battery that lasts for 10 years.  It's available here on Amazon as the Casio Classic MTP-3050D-2AV 10 Year Battery Men's Stainless Steel Dress Watch.

Casio Classic Men's Dress Watch with 10 year battery

This watch is so low hassle and plain that I haven't written about it since 2011.  But, lots of people value the simplicity and buy this low cost low hassle of watch.  I recently replaced the battery on this watch.  It takes this Panasonic CR2012 3 Volt Lithium Ion Battery.  The battery was big and easy to replace, but getting the press on caseback back on was a challenge even with my dreaded caseback press.  Of course, once a decade pain is pretty easy to handle.

Casio MTP-3050 Caseback

This watch is nothing fancy, but, if you are looking for a watch with long battery life, the Casio MTP-3050D-2AV is the one to pick.

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