Sunday, March 26, 2017

Watch Sighting: Seiko Sportura Perpetual Solar Chronograph

Here is an interesting watch that I spotted at Belk.  It's a Seiko Sportura Perpetual Solar Chronograph  watch.  It's a solar watch that has a six month power reserve when charged.  It also has a classic chronometer look.  The bezel on this one looks a little worn.  However, this was a quick shot through the display glass so it may simply be a light trick played by a watch crystal that is covered with protective plastic.

It's nice to be able to pick up a great watch like this up from Belk.  They generally have good sale prices, a convenient credit card, friendly customer service, and most importantly you get a chance to try on the watch and make sure it really feels right.  In truth, most of my good watches come from Belk.  However, if you already know this is the right watch for you, Amazon does have this watch in black.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Men's Watches with Class

Four Men's Watches With Class

Class is an interesting word when it comes to watches.  As a personal accessory for men, a watch is a chance to express individual style.  But, when it comes to class, there are elements of refinement, taste, and pedigree that must perfectly combine into a timepiece.  While a storied watchmaker can certainly add to the pedigree of a watch, how the wearer sports his timepiece is a key element of class.

President Eisenhower's Rolex Datejust
Some watches are like an end zone dance in American football.  According to old school icons like Bear Bryant, when players score, they should act like they've been in the end zone before.  The end zone dance is just an unsportsmanlike way to rub victory into the faces of the vanquished.  So, while a high end pedigreed watch can make a statement, the demeanor of the wearer changes whether that watch is a score or an end zone dance.  To be classy, a watch should make a subtle, tasteful, statement rather than a gaudy display.

Here are four of the classiest watches in my personal collection:

1. Tissot Carson Powermatic 80.  This watch has the pedigree of a powerful name brand, a traditional automatic movement, and the Swiss Made label.  Yet, it is not so expensive that it lurks outside the realm of imagination.  It's also not in the least bit gaudy.  It's an understated, conservative, watch that looks great with a suit.  You can find plenty of similar Tissot Powermatic 80 watches on Amazon.

2.  Bulova Dress Watch.  My quartz Bulova Dress Watch sports the iconic tuning fork logo and subtly evokes the tech sector with a graph-like grid in the background.  It's simple and tasteful.  While my Bulova is hardly a high dollar timepiece, the brand has historic appeal and luxury connotations for most middle class Americans. 

3.  Pulsar Dress Watch.  My first Pulsar dress watch is all business.  It is simple, elegant, competent, and non-intrusive.  It says that it's told time before and that it's good at the business of telling time.  This watch was minimalist before minimalism was cool.

4.  Seiko University of Florida Dress Watch.  Long, long ago, I graduated from the University of Florida and received this Seiko as a graduation gift.  It features the University's Century Tower and University Auditorium.  By today's standards, it has a rather small dial.  The bezel and bracelet appear to be inspired by the Rolex Perpetual Datejust.  Overall, it's a nice look and lets people know that I am at least somewhat educated.