Sunday, June 30, 2024

Wristwatch Review: Armitron Men's Date Function Dial Bracelet Watch

Many watch branches are reviving vintage watch looks with great fanfare. But, the big secret is that vintage watch looks never really went away. They were normalized in countless normal quartz watches that are available at low cost from retailers all around the country. A great example of a modern watch with a vintage vibe is my latest Armitron watch. It's model 20/5497. It's a simple straight forward analog quartz watch.

Armitron Stainless Steel Quartz Watch with Date Function

Watch Construction

The watch is an all stainless steel watch with a stainless steel bracelet.  In a world where plastic and base metal cases are common, all stainless steel construction seems unusual at the sub-$30 price point.  The watch also has a very slightly domed mineral glass crystal.  The bracelet and the watch case incorporate flat and shiny silver tones.  But, the dial is done in a deep navy blue.

Watch Dimensions

This Armitron watch has a sensible 40mm case that is 9mm thick.  However, the bracelet could have been a little longer.  I found the watch to be just a bit snug on my wrist.  It also had a double-locking foldover clasp that didn't provide any easy way for me to easily adjust the size.  Instead, I opted to get a nice 20mm nylon strap from Bisonstrap to replace the metal bracelet.  The result was a good look and a strap that matched the dial.

Armitron pictured with BisonStrap 20mm Nylon Strap

Overall Impression

Overall, I really like this Armitron and I'm glad I got an alternative strap.  It's a nice watch for everyday wear and it's equally comfortable at work or on the weekends.  I think it was a treasure to find at Burlington.  However, you can easily pick this Armitron up on Amazon for an amazing price.

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