Sunday, June 2, 2024

The Watch Dude Blog Hits 1,000,000

Wow! Thank you! We finally hit 1,000,000 page views at The Watch Dude Blog. I want to thank each and every visitor to this blog. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and I hope you found some helpful watch reviews, some good deals, and other cool content. It's been a long journey since my first post way back on July 30, 2011. This blog is the result of thirteen years of on (and off) blogging about affordable wristwatches. 

What's Next for The Watch Dude?

I'm not stopping. I've got plenty of posts in the pipeline. Lately, I've been finding some excellent deals on inexpensive watches on Amazon, at, and in traditional brick-n-mortar stores like Burlington, Ross, Nordstrom Rack, and Walmart.  I'm also on the lookout for some attainable dream watches.  I keep an eye on brands like Bulova and Tissot.  But, brands like Nivada Grenchen and LIV Watches are also making their way into my advertising feeds and junk emails.  I can dream and one day I might pull the trigger on a nice watch that is a bit of stretch.

The Watch Dude Available on Other Social Media

I'm also expanding the reach of this blog on social media.  I've recently rejoined and you can follow me on X (TheWatchDude@the_watch_dude).  These communities give me a chance to see your collections and give me great ideas for future purchases.  In the future, I may even dip my toes into an X channel or a Youtube channel.  

This would be a good time to note that I'm not the only watch dude on these interwebs.  On Instagram, there is an account for thewatch_dude ( and he posts some very cool watch photos. 

The time is getting late, but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the views and support.  Keep on collecting!

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