Friday, June 14, 2024

TGIF: The Higher Quality Offerings of Armitron

Uncommon Watches from Armitron

Sometimes when you visit the official website of a watch company, you uncover some treasures that you haven't heard much about.  Armitron is one company that has higher quality watches offered on their website.  Collectors will find them more interesting than the Armitron watches found in discount stores.

Armitron Watch Categories

If you are used to seeing Armitron watches as discount timepieces at retailers like Walmart and Burlington, you'll see a nicer side of the Armitron line-up online at their website.  Armitron has six categories of timepiece listed on there: Timeless, Iconic, Specialty, Conscious, Active, and Smart.  The Conscious category has watches made out of recycled ocean plastics.  

The Armitron Reef is made using sustainable materials like recycled ocean plastics.

In the Timeless category, you'll find watches in classic styles including Tankers, Rolex-stye Datejust, Divers, and regular dress watches.  Amazingly, they have names like Grant, Charles, Ross (Rachel is a corresponding women's watch), Ridgemont, Lloyd, and  Miles. If you are used to model numbers that are random letters and numbers, named watches are quite a good change!

Armitron Rachel and Ross Dress Watches for Men & Women (Armitron website)

In the Iconic category, you'll find some of the most famous Armitron retro digital watches like the Griffy and Rogue.  

The Armitron Rogue Digital Watch

Specialty watches have a nice variety of mechanical skeleton watches. Finally, the Active watches include all sorts of practical digital watches for active sports and fitness. Right now, Armitron doesn't have any Smart watches listed on the site.

I thought I had covered Armitron well in Watches A to Z, but I just scratched the surface.  If you are interested in these watches, all you have to do is visit

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