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Wristwatch Review: Ed Hardy Singles Men's Metal Black and Gold Analog Quartz Watch

This Ed Hardy watch was an interesting find at Burlington.  It came in a fancy cardboard box with some of Ed Hardy's famed tattoo designs.  Now, it's a watch that makes me wonder.  It features a rich, but plain-looking dial is devoid of any of the art that made Ed Hardy famous.  It just has his signature rendered at 6 o'clock.

Watch Features

This watch has a gold tone to it and features three gold trimmed non-functional subdials.  Despite the existence of pusher buttons, the subdials are purely decorative.  However, the gold trimmed subdials and hands give this watch a rich, purposeful, look.  I should note that, despite my references to gold, no actual gold is used in this timepiece.  The Amazon descriptions of this watch refer to "brushed gold."

Watch Dimensions

This is a big manly, man, watch. The dial itself is 38mm and the case is 46mm in diameter. The watch is 12mm thick and the watch bracelet is a manly 24mm wide.  It sits large on the wrist, but not quite a big as a big Diesel watch.

Watch Construction

The construction of this watch is solid.  The only drawback: the wide metal bracelet seems a little lighter than expected and it feels a little  cheap.  I have to remind myself this is a $20 to $30 watch with the construction of a typical quartz watch that is cheaply available in discount stores like Burlington or Ross.

Watch Style

Still, this watch is eye-catching and dramatically designed.  It looks good for an inexpensive watch.  It's demands attention.  Yet, it is understated by the standards of an Ed Hardy collection watch.  It's an unabashedly macho watch.


I can't really make up my mind about this watch. On the one hand, it's inexpensive and has non-functional subdials. On the other hand, it is bold and shiny!!! For $20-$25, you really can't go wrong. There are a few other Ed Hardy models that I like better.  If you'd like to get this Ed Hardy watch and make up your own mind, you can find it here on Amazon.

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