Saturday, June 29, 2024

Sharp Watch Shout Out: Timex Men's Standard 41mm Chronograph

When you're in job search mode, every cool watch you ever wanted to buy is on sale and, temporarily, off limits.  In that regard, Timex is on a roll!  When I was researching retro watches, I must have triggered something in the Amazon algorithm and it revealed this gem of a watch: 

Timex Men's Standard 41mm Chronograph

I suspect this watch is doing "vintage" better than any actual vintage watch. I like the way that the dial has a faded blue color and the dial has a rather flat white color for the subdials and tachymeter track.  The fancy crown further suggests a glorious past. The strap also complements the watch color scheme and looks like it would be easy to replace sometime down the road. This watch definitely deserves a sharp watch shout out!

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