Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: Brigada Minimalist Watch for Men

Here's an interesting watch!  The Amazon listing for it is quite a mouthful.  Here goes!  It's the  BRIGADA Men's Watches Cool Black Blue Business Casual Waterproof Quartz Analog Wrist Watch for Men.  I just like to call it the Brigada Minimalist Watch for Men.

The Brigada Minimalist Watch has a thin case.

In these evening shots, you can see that the watch has a generously-sized dial with roman numerals in a gold-tone that is perfect for catching the last rays of a slowly setting summer sun.  The strap is of synthetic leather that looks good and gets the job done.  In looks, this quartz watch compares favorably to other minimalist watches from bands like MVMT.

The dial of this BRIGADA is simple and delivers the time.

Sometimes, I find it difficult to justify minimalist designs that cost a lot of money.  This BRIGADA is cheap. I think it compares favorably to watches that cost between $50 and $125.  But, this watch actually costs much, much, less.  Incredibly, as of 2024, this watch was less than $20.  It is much, much, better than the $5 Youyoupifa watch I ordered from China many years ago.

Brigada Men's Quartz Watch

I've posted about the Brigada brand before and recently reviewed one of their watches.  I think this watch fully delivers on the promise of low cost watches.

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