Monday, July 1, 2024

Watch Store Report: Watch Shopping at Burlington

Burlington (formerly known as Burlington Coat Factory) remains a good source of inexpensive quartz watches.  The watch brands for men that I've seen over the past year or so at Burlington stores include the following:  Armitron, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Caribbean Joe, Ed Hardy, Roca Wear, Sean John, Tahari, and Van Heusen. Almost all of the watches at Burlington are inexpensive. You won't find any watches that require locking up in a cabinet for special handling.

A Burlington Store in Georgia, USA

The styles at Burlington tend towards urban trendy and outright gaudy, but you can find sometimes find some real gems on the shelves.  If you like a little bling, you'll likely find something interesting.

A typical store display of watches at a Burlington store

Prices are reasonable with many models coming in at $20.  Sometimes slightly nicer watches might be $30 to $35.  Clearance watches can be found for as low as $15.

Armitron Model 20/5497

A good example of an understated gem of a watch might be this quartz Armitron (model 20/5497).  This Armitron has a classic dial design that would be perfectly appropriate for an office setting.  Naturally, I bought it.  It fits my wrist perfectly--almost too perfectly on the snug side.  But, it is a great bang around watch and the Burlington price was just $20.

For casual shoppers, Burlington is a great store for inexpensive big and tall clothing (shorts, sweatpants, and graphic Tee Shirts) and has a great selection of reasonably-price brand name shoes.  If you find yourself shopping at a Burlington, you might give the watch selection a quick glance.  You never know when you might find something interesting. 

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