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Wristwatch Review: Bulova Marine Star (Model C937355)

The website for the Bulova Marine Star line of watches invites wearers "to live and play in maritime watches that feature bold accents, iconic patterns, and innovative materials inspired by the sea."  I was thrilled to come across this well-used Marine Star example (below) a few years ago and add it to my collection.  However, finding the specific details of this watch require a little detective work.

Bulova Marine Star (Model C937355)


Of course, reviewing a watch of unknown age and unknown price might be a bit of a challenge.  According to the caseback, this is a Bulova Marine Star Model C937355. This model has been discontinued for awhile, but the very similar Model 98C71 is still available at  The C937355 still comes up in searches of ebay and similar sites from time to time.  

This vintage Bulova Marine Star catches everyone's eyes.

Fortunately, the internet has enough information to allow a closer look at this Bulova Marine Star.


This very useful article on Wikihow reveals how to date a Bulova Watch.  The "A7" code on the caseback reveals that the watch was manufactured in 2007.


This Bulova offers a genuine leather band, 100 meters of water resistance, a stainless steel case, and a uni-directional rotating bezel. This Bulova has the famed tuning fork logo on the dial at 12 o'clock, on the crown, on the caseback, and on the buckle. At age 17, the watch also offers natural wear, patina, and weathering in all the right places.

This leather on this Bulova has weathered perfectly

The watch batons on this Bulova stand out individually with gold-toned trim and a helpful amount of lume for low light conditions.

The Baton details and hands of this Bulova Marine Star are striking


The dimensions of this dress watch are on the slightly small side.  The case is about 38mm in diameter and 9mm thick.  The watch is lightweight and comfortable to wear.


I enjoy this watch.  I like the quality details of this watch. I love that I found it for $20 or so at a thrift store. It is even more fun now that I've uncovered some of this watch's history.  Like this writer, this Bulova watch is well on it's way to becoming vintage or antique or something.


If you'd like a similar watch model, you might search for the 98C71.  I've seen it listed on the website.

The Similar Bulova Marine Star 98C71 on

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