Sunday, May 10, 2015

Cheap Wristwatch Review: YouYouPifa Best Birthday Watch Dress Watch

Have you ever wondered what the very cheap Chinese watches sold on Amazon are like?  I have.  There are many attractive looking watches on Amazon that are sold at very low prices.  For less than $5, you could get a watch that (on the Internet) looked much like more expensive watches from the exciting startup watch company MVMT.

I've often wondered if companies were selling us cheap watches for hundreds of dollars so I had to check it out.  I placed an order for the YouYouPifa Best Birthday Gift watch.  Would my watch be the equivalent of an MVMT or, at least, a typical Target or Walmart commodity quartz watch.  I had to know!

In just a few weeks, I received a mysterious envelope from China.  The customs declaration on the back listed the contents as a watch x 1 and value as 5.00.  My YouYouPifa watch was here!  Inside the envelope was a wall wrapped watch!

I was a little concerned that the package was very, very, light.  But, inside was one plastic wrapped watch.  For $5, you don't get a presentation box.  The watch was well protected and the watch was keeping accurate time.

The watch looked pretty good on the wrist.  But, the materials left much to be desired.  The watch was very light weight.  The case material was a light weight metal.  I wondered if it was tin.  The strap was also a little short and quite stiff.

The YouYouPifa watch looked fairly good on the wrist, but the dial was not quite the dark jet black color that I had expected.

This watch is certainly not a good substitute for a genuine MVMT watch.  I'm quite sure that MVMT watches use higher quality materials. MVMT watches also have nice leather bands, have solid stainless steel cases, and use reliable Japanese MVMT movements. But, it isn't fair to judge a $5 watch against a watch that costs 20 times more.

Overall, the YouYouPifa Best Birthday watch is a working watch that arrived quickly and that has an interesting style.  However, the watch does prove the adage that  you get what you pay for.  It has a very inexpensive strap and lightweight metal case.  I will probably not wear this watch to work.  However, I might check them out again for a watch that is clearly bang-around watch.

The fact that I can order a watch factory direct from China and get it in two or three weeks should worry a lot of watch brands.  How many brands are simply sending a set of watch specifications to China?  What happens when the Chinese develop their own brands and become marketing savvy?  Youyoupifa makes a wide variety of watches and even has automatic models in their line up.  At prices this low, it's easy to experiment on your own.

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  1. This is very nice watch with a bundle of features and the price is too low. Amazon have always provided with quality products in low price brands.