Thursday, November 28, 2013

Alternatives to the Television Watch Brands

Happy Thanksgiving!  By now you are probably finishing your turkey and getting ready for Christmas shopping.

If you are shopping for a watch this Holiday Season, it is easy to succumb to the lure of the television shopping networks and their non-stop infomercials about watches.  They are often fun to watch and you can find some truly great deals.  However, everyone knows about them.  Every watch collector has an Invicta or two or three.

Sometimes, it is more fun to give a truly unusual watch from a brand that is not so commonplace.  If you want to leave some of the more common brands behind, my newest article lays out a few alternatives to the TV watch brands:

Alternatives to the Television Infomercial Watch Brands

One very cool watch brand is AVI-8.  They make watches inspired by aviation history.  This is the AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane.  Inspired by the fighter planes that saved the United Kingdom from Hitler's Luftwaffe, this Hurricane watch captures the colors of the original aircraft.  It features a aircraft silhouette on the front and a line drawing of the famed fighter on the back.  The complete AVI-8 line of watches has just been brought to where they are priced very reasonably with many priced under $100.

AVI-8 Hawker Hurricane Watch
Watches can't be more different in personality than AVI-8 and Modify.  This alternative watch takes you from the stiff upper lip of the indomitable British pilots to the relentless techno beats of Atlanta night clubs.  Modify watches have interchangeable faces and straps.  You can mix and match until you perfectly match your wardrobe.  They bring a young, fresh, vibe to the world of horology!

A Modify Watch

From the night clubs of America it's another big leap to the precise designs of Germany's Insignum brand.  As American supplies dwindle, the Insignum mix of German design and Asian sourcing is sure to become rare.  Insignums like this Insignum Campus are still available at
Insignum Campus

Finally, if you demand uncompromising performance from your watch, you might want to check out NFW watches at

Sample watches provided courtesy of AVI-8, Modify, and

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