Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bulova Watches for Christmas

For Christmas, you may want to give a gift that brings a touch of elegance and class.  Bulova watches certainly bring that to the gift giving season.  I only have a couple of Bulova watches in my collection, but they look good.  Here's the Bulova that I wear to the office on a regular basis.  There is something special about that tuning fork logo.

A Bulova Dress Watch

While this particular watch is discontinued, you may still be able to find this watch at various discount outlets.  If you'd like a square classic dress Bulova watch, you might like a tanker this Bulova Sutton AutomaticBulova Sutton Automatic

Bulova Men's Sutton Automatic

Of course, no Bulova entry would be complete without mention of Bulova Precisionist line of watches. They are among the most precise quartz watches ever made. Bulova calls it the most accurate quartz watch with a sweeping second hand. It's truly a beautiful watch and the apex of quartz watch design.

A Bulova Precisionist Quartz Watch

During this time of year, we should also remember that Bulova also makes stunning watches for the ladies. This one is stunning with Swarovski Crystal. As a gift, the Bulova Woman's Watch with Swarovski crystal makes a statement.

Bulova Woman's Watch with Swarovski Crystal

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