Saturday, November 30, 2013

Where I Shop For Watches

I'm generally an old fashioned, brick and mortar, kind of guy when it comes to buying watches.  Most of my watches are bought on impulse when I am shopping for other things.  (O.K., O.K., I don't have much impulse control.)  Consequently, my watch boxes are filled with affordable watches that I think look cool.  Since I get my watches on impulse, they tend to come from the places I shop:  Kmart, Kohl's, Sears, Target, and Walmart.

An Inexpensive Precision by Gruen watch from Kohl's
Watches from Kohls.  Kohl's has been one of the places where I have consistently found good deals on mid-priced watches that range from $30 to $125.  They sell low priced brands like Precision by Gruen and Zoo York.  They have a great selection of watches from Armitron, Mark Ecko, and Relic.  They have an excellent selection of watches that hover just out of my price range from brands like Bulova, Citizen, and Seiko. 

A Structure Ana-Digital from Sears

Watches from Sears.  Another surprisingly cool place to shop for watches is Sears.  I find Sears is great for brands like Bulova, Caravelle, Elgin, Hamlin, and Structure.  They also have a great rewards program that works at Sears and Kmart.  If you buy tires or another auto repair over at their auto center, your likely to get enough rewards points to get a new watch for nearly nothing.  

Watches from Walmart.  Finally, you know that I get a lot of my watches from Walmart.  They are consistently the best place to buy no name watches and watches from Casio and Timex.  Over the last year, they have really built up a great selection of tasteful Timex watches.  I've pretty much picked over the supply of no name watches.  

A Very Nice Timex Military-Style Expedition at Walmart
Good luck and happy hunting this holiday season!


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