Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thre3 Watches for Christmas

If you are on a super tight budget or just want to give an inexpensive watch as a stocking stuffer, you might check out the Thre3 brand watches at Kmart.  Thre3 is a brand of the U.S. Polo Association and they look classier than their low price tag might suggest.

I have two Thre3 brand watches and like both of them.  The first one I bought was this sporty Ana-digital Watch.  I don't even bother with the digital functions.  It's just that the watch itself has an almost perfect racing watch look.

Thre3 Ana-Digital Watch

The second Thre3 brand watch was a straight forward analog affair with very readable markings and a slightly racy look. 

Thre3 Analog Sport Watch

While these watches only cost $20 to $30, they look far better than their low price tag would suggest.  If you are looking for an extra stocking stuffer gift this Christmas or just need a watch to fit within your gift buying budget, Thre3 brand watches might be a good addition to your shopping list.

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