Friday, November 1, 2013

Armitron Watches for Christmas

November marks the start of the Christmas Season.  It's time to shop.  From now until Christmas, I'm going to try an cover potential Christmas gift watches from A to Z.  If my posts and reviews inspire you or give you a great idea, please consider buying via one of the advertisements that support this blog.  Now, onto the watches!  

In my collection, A usually stands for Armitron.  Armitron watches usually offer excellent style and design at affordable price points.  I typically get my Armitron watches from Kohl's.  However, Kmart and Walmart also have nice collections of Armitron watches on sale.

With Armitron, you can go digital or analog and have plenty of attractive options.  In the digital realm, I have two Armitron watches that look really cool.  The first watch is a no nonsense Armitron All-Sport digital watch.   It would be a great Christmas gift for a young person or a nice bonus or stocking stuffer for an adult. 

 The second Armitron digital watch in my collection looks like something from a Star Trek movie.  It is smooth, sleek, and futuristic.  In a nifty ergonomic twist, the face of this Armitron is slightly angled towards the wearer. 
 I also have two Armitron analog watches. One is a nice dress watch called the Armitron Diamond.  It's a simple, elegant, watch that is perfectly appropriate to wear to any office.  In looks, I think it rivals more expensive watches from Pulsar, Bulova, and Seiko. 

Finally, I added this really sharp Armitron stainless steel sport watch to my collection about a year ago.  Of all the Armitron's I own, this would make the best Christmas gift.  You can read the full review here on this blog:

 Men's Watch Review:  Stainless Steel Armitron with Leather Band

If you'd like to pick one of these watches up, there is no need to hunt for days, you can just click right here for three close matches:

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