Thursday, November 7, 2013

Elgin Watches for Christmas

Elgin was once one of the finest American watch companies.   For over 100 years, Elgin made pocket watches and later wristwatches.   If you are seeking a special gift for someone that will appreciate a fine antique, a genuine Elgin watch would make a rare and special gift.  You can always find plenty of Elgin watches on ebay in various conditions.  Of course, buying an antique watch can be a perilous endeavor.  For more information on Elgin's try

The Elgin name has been revived by MZ Berger.  However, modern Elgin watches have no relation to the original company.  But, MZ Berger does make stylish, affordable, watches that can make appealing gifts.  I bought this modern day Elgin at Sears and it is one of the most attractive and unusual watches in my collection.

Here is a similar design for a great price!

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