Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Quick Guide to Preppy Watches

You'd think after 30 days of daily blog posts, I'd rest.  But, there is still Christmas shopping to be done and people still need gift ideas.  So, I'm going to revisit some of the guides that I've done.  These articles provide ideas if you want to buy a watch for an aviation buff, a preppy, or a watch collector.  Today, we'll start out with the preppy!

If you have a preppy on your list, there are all kinds of preppy watches in the market.  Brands like Timex and LaCoste have them covered.

LaCoste Watches wait for your preppy at Macy's
My personal favorite for preppy watches is the Timex Weekender series.  Unfortunately, the straps on the canvas strap versions are just a tad short for my wrists.  Instead, I got the leather strap version with tachymeter markings.  It's a great watch and it's very readable.  You can read a review here:

The Timex Weekenders are stylish, no-nonsense, watches that look great and are generally affordable.

The Timex Weekender with Tachymeter Markings

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