Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Skagen Watches for Christmas

One of the guys on suggested another great watch brand for Christmas shoppers to check out:  Skagen!  Skagen watches are designed in Denmark and reflect Scandinavian minimalist design philosophies.  

Danish Flag (Photograph by  Per Palmkvist Knudsen on Wikimedia Commons CCA2.5 license)

While some brands have thick cases, Skagen watches have thin cases that always fit under a shirt sleeve.  They are powered by reliable Japanese quartz movements.  Skagens are smooth!

Usually, I don't see Skagen watches for less than $100.  However, I found plenty of nice examples on Amazon priced very reasonably.  Just as you can recognize a great song by Van Halen, ZZ Top, or Aerosmith on the radio in the first few bars, you can instantly recognize a Skagen watch by it's streamlined, modern, minimalist look.  If you are shopping for a holiday gift this season, it's a brand that belongs on your list.

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