Monday, December 9, 2013

Merona and Mossimo Wristwatches: Fail

Target had an exciting sale on watches last week.  They had buy-one-get-one-50%-off.  I popped a Mossimo and a Merona brand watch into our cart.  I thought that they successfully channeled the Panerai case shape in more modern quartz watches.  However, when I got them home, I found out that they just didn't work for me.

Merona and Mossimo Watches from Target

The winding stem for the black-on-black Mossimo watch (bottom) came off in my hand while I was setting the time.  The canvas-looking black strap on the Merona watch (top) was a tad too tight and felt a lot like cheap card board.  Even though it was only $30 for the two watches, since they didn't work for me, they'll be going back.  I probably should have stuck to the Casio and Timex selections.  These things happen.

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