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Watch Review: LaCoste Club Watch for Men

Minimalist watches have been a bit of a trend over the past couple of years.  Brands like MVMT have been on the forefront of minimalist design.  They offer a variety of elegant minimalist designs.  But, you don't see many of their watches in stores.  If you are looking for a minimalist watch from a more familiar brand, you might check out the LaCoste Club Watch.  My wife was fortunate to find this LaCoste watch for me at a Burlington Coat Factory for a fraction of the prices listed on Amazon or traditional department stores.

The LaCoste Club Men's Watch

Watch Features

What can you list as a watch feature on a minimalist watch?  This one features the LaCoste Logo at 12 o'clock and a date window at 6 o'clock.  The hours are market with simple shiny silver batons.

It has an hour hand, a minute hand, and a second hand.  It also has a comfortable band that feels smooth and cool against the wrist.

Most of all, it features a simple and elegant look.  You'll find the LaCoste trademark alligator logo on the dial, the crown, the caseback, and the bracelet clasp.  For more photos of the LaCoste Club watch and these details, bang it here.

The LaCoste Club Watch on a table.

Watch Construction

The LaCoste Club watch features a stainless steel case and bracelet. The dial is protected by a mineral crystal. According to the caseback, the watch has 3 BAR (30 meters) of water resistance.  It's enough water resistance to ward off a little rain and wash your hands.  But, this is a dressy watch for the office or a night out, not a watch for SCUBA diving.

It looks just great on the table at my local P.F. Changs.  As a small drawback, I do find that the watch does tend to collect smudges or fingerprints on the crystal.  But, a quick wipe of a napkin or on a shirt fixes it right up.

Watch Dimensions

A profile view of the watch shows its thin case
The LaCoste Club watch has a 42mm diameter case that appears to be about about 8mm thick.  It's a nice thin watch that would fit under the cuff of his shirt.  The watch bracelet is 20mm wide at the lugs and tapers to about 17mm for the trip around the wrist.

The length of the bracelet is generous and I found that it fit my wrists perfectly without any modification.

These proportions are great for wearing to the office or to functions requiring a long-sleeved dress shirt.

Overall Impression

In general, I really like this watch.  It's a nice lightweight watch with solid construction and a band that feels smooth against the skin.  It's a great value and a heck of a find at the low (sub-$50) price point offered by Burlington.  At conventional retail outlets, the LaCoste Club Watch is still a good watch at current price points.  As a familiar brand, it also checks all the boxes for the minimalist look.  

The bracelet and deployment clasp of the Izod Club Watch

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