Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Anatomy of a Good Deal at Kohl's

My wife got me a very nice Pulsar watch for Christmas.  She bought it at Kohl's.  I was there.  I even tried it on.  It will be a great watch to share with you sometime after Christmas.  However, it was interesting to see how a good deal on a watch works at Kohl's.

This Pulsar chronograph dress watch originally retailed for a hefty $175.   But, then there were a few adjustments to be made:
  • The watch itself was 25% off on sale.
  • Kohls was running a scratch off sale and my wife had a scratch off ticket for 20%.  (The tickets come on the catalog mailer, but they are also available at the register.)
  • After the transaction, she got a coupon for $20 Kohl's Cash that she can use after Christmas.  You get $10 in Kohl's cash per $50 spent on a purchase.
 The discounts brought the watch down to an amazing $105 plus tax.  That is a very respectable deal  for a watch that I got see under glass and try on in person.  There is something cool about interacting with helpful sales people and picking out a watch with someone special.  My wife felt like she won the lottery after all the discounts.  I felt like I got the best watch out of the whole watch department.

In the interest of writing this post, I did a little after action research online.  I didn't see any similar Pulsar dress watches on Amazon.com.  However, if you are looking for a slightly sportier flavor of a Pulsar chronograph, the deal below looks nearly impossible to beat.

Of course, as those final Christmas shopping days wind down, you might just want to get yourself to a brick-n-mortar store like Kohl's and get something while the getting is good!

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