Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Requiem for a Cheap Watch: The End of My Structure Diver-Style Watch

I was going through some of my old watches and came upon a Structure Diver-style Quartz watch that I reviewed way back in 2015.  It was a fashionable watch at one time, but it looks much sadder today. The black resin strap oxidized over the years.  It developed a white residue on some parts and the strap became brittle and broke into pieces. Apparently, rubber degrades over time and returns to a non-vulcanized state. (Sounds logical . . .)  The only thing you can do is wipe the watch strap down periodically with isopropyl alcohol.  It will clean the watch up, but it won't stop the decay.

The Remnants of a Structure Diver Style Watch.

In truth, it's a watch that I never wore much.  Although I liked it when I first bought it, the watch was clunky and a bit on the heavy side.  However, it was rapidly eclipsed by more comfortable watches from other brands. Tonight, it went out to the trash.

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