Saturday, January 6, 2024

Changes at The Watch Dude Blog

Sigh. Words cannot express how deeply I appreciate Amazon changing up their allowed formats for affiliate advertisements:  Not! Where we could once get a quick link with a picture and description of an item from Amazon, now we must get links from their sitestripe tool. That means many of the advertising links from Amazon on this blog are simply not working. It's frustrating.

A Casio Watch Manual
Of course, one good thing from this frustration is that I get to go through the 450+ posts on this blog and update them. It's a painstaking process, but it is also a chance to revisit some of my early articles and provide updates. In some cases, it's merely a matter of increasing the font size and providing some more relevant and up-to-date advertising links. In other cases, I can add some more content and provide updates to reviews.

I've only recently begun posting new articles again and I've started accumulating some new watches at well. It's fun to revive a hobby and get back into it. It reminds me of all the cool watches I have in my collection. Of course, I do wish it would remind me of all the places where I have watches stashed. But, we'll rediscover them together.

I've started updating posts from 2011. I can't believe this watch blog has been burbling along for 13 years! More amazingly, we've gotten over 955,000 visits over the years. That's incredible. I hope you've found my posts interesting and engaging and I hope my reviews have been helpful. I really appreciate all of your visits.

So far, I've noticed that on some of my early posts, I used this blog to refer visitors to full reviews that I had written of Yahoo's Associated Content site.  While the site is long gone, Yahoo was kind enough to let us keep our articles.  I thought I had posted most of them in full here, but apparently, I missed a few.  Fortunately, I've been able to start correcting that issue.

Timex Mercury Watch
For example, the upcoming link sends you to an updated blog post here with a short review of a vintage Timex Mercury Manual Wind Watch.  It was New-In-Box from old store stock and it works well.

If you pardon my dust, I'll keep plugging away at new updates and improvements so this blog remains an enjoyable place to discover watches.

This blog will continue to participate in Amazon Affiliate and Google Ads.  They don't bring in much, but it's enough for a new watch every now and then. 😉

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