Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Watch Wearing Wednesday: The Casio Men's Analog Outdoor Watch (MRW-210HB-5BVCF)

 It's Wednesday, which watch are you wearing?  This is a watch I recently wore for a casual night out to a sports bar.  It's the Casio Men's Outdoor Watch with Velcro Band (Model MRW-210HB-5BVCF).  

Casio MRW-210HB
 I like this watch for its lightweight, comfort, and general wear everywhere bang-about-ability.  (That's not even a word.)  It's pretty much the kind of watch you can wear anywhere and everywhere.  It looks rugged and it's an easy to read watch.  There's really not much to dislike about it.  If you don't need the complexity of subdials, it might be a great alternative to the Casio Men's Heavy Duty Chronograph Quartz Watch (MCW-100H).

It would have been nice if Casio would have given this watch an adventurous name.  Adventurer, Explorer, Climber, Hiker, or Summit would have sufficed. But, I'm not a marketing professional. I guess nothing really says "Adventure" more than Casio MRW-210HB. 

If you'd like to find this watch on simple, but great, sports watch on Amazon, you can simply bang it here.  I also have other variants of this watch.  Back in 2017, I reviewed a Casio MCW-210H with a white face.  You can read that review here.

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