Saturday, April 4, 2015

Watch Review: Structure Analog Diver-style Watch

The Structure brand of clothing and apparel makes some of my favorite low-cost quartz-movement wristwatches.  I recently unearthed a Structure watch from the far recesses of my watch drawer.   When I flicked open the box in search of a more expensive watch, I was surprised to find that it was still ticking and still waiting for me.  So, I put it on, cinched up the rubber strap and wore it to work.
As I looked at the watch, I was struck by a number of subtle details.  For example, the numbered hours (3, 6, 9, and 12) are marked by white numerals edged with a gold tone and the batons marking the remaining hours are gold tone with a white edging.  It's a subtle reversal, but it adds a rich looking layer of intrigue to a $35 watch.  

Structure Analog Diver Style Watch

The crown of the watch is protected by a hard black plastic fender.  The fender is screwed into the base metal watch case with two shiny screws that evoke pusher buttons by their size and placement.  The same hard black plastic is used for the non-rotating diver-style bezel.  The first 20 minutes on the bezel are marked in 1 minute increments and white hashes at five minute increments with white numerals for 30, 40, and 50.

The case is a high gloss gunmetal gray that stands rather tall and has a stainless steel case back.  A fairly stiff black resin strap completes the masculine look of the watch.

It's a simple design but it draws compliments at the office.  One of my co-workers said it was a great looking  .  watch, asked about it, and was really shocked when I revealed that it was only $30 on sale.  He said, "From 6 feet away, people don't know if it is a Tag Heuer watch or what."

It's true.  This Structure watch looks great and comes in at an excellent price point.  Sears has a great selection of Structure watches.  If you are a member of their ShopYourWay Rewards program and you make a major purchase at Sears, you'll quite like get enough Rewards points to get a watch like this for free.  Even better, you can now get great prices on Structure watches on Amazon!
Of course, at this low price, there are trade offs.  The strap  is a little stiff.  The watch case is made of a base metal.  The watch is a little bulky.  However, I like this watch a lot and feel like its a great value.  Overall, this watch and most Structure watches are well constructed, well designed, and an excellent buy.

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